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New political power diet plan key to losing weight

Mayor Rob Ford at Toronto city council
Mayor Rob Ford at Toronto city council
Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty Images

Adults trying to lose weight and keeping children at a healthy weight has never been as difficult as it is today. The main culprit? Politicians and giant corporate entities working together to limit the power of citizens.

Addiction to food and preoccupation with weight makes citizens disengaged in democracy. The food industry spends millions to get consumers to buy their addictive products. Food is everywhere and everyone is in a constant state of food sensory overload.

People gain weight as a result. To top it off the multi-billion diet industry keeps promising the next new holy grail to lose weight. Diet plans that offer fast weight loss further creates an addictive pattern for dieters.

By now most people have come to the realization that diets, in the traditional sense, do not work. People who want to lose weight are looking for real change. The Political Power diet plan is a revolutionary way to think and act. Not being able to lose weight is not an individual problem. It is a political matter.

10 ways to follow the new political power diet plan:

  1. Accept that there is nothing wrong with you. Stop self-blame for past weight loss attempts. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. You are a beautiful human being.
  2. Accept that willpower and diet plans that promise miracles do not work to lose weight. Believe that you have the power to create the person you desire to be.
  3. Take a look at your surroundings. How many times in a day are you bombarded by food and food advertising? Thinking about and looking at food makes you physically hungry. No wonder it is hard to resist temptations! Your surroundings, where you live, go to school and work contributes to weight gain.
  4. Become aware of the food and beverage choices you make. Food journaling is a tool that can help you identify reasons for eating.
  5. Shift personal goals from losing weight to gaining self power.
  6. Be your own truth seeker. Become informed on local and national issues that affect healthy food choices and health. Learn the positions of political parties, experts and non-partisan groups. Information is key to shaping your own diet plan.
  7. Volunteer for organizations that share your values.
  8. Communicate your values and concerns with politicians. Politicians are elected to work for you.
  9. Have an issue? Get the word out. Public pressure and advocacy works. Write letters to the editor for your local newspaper or engage in social media.
  10. Politicians are leaders and have an opportunity to be moral compasses for society. If a politician is not acting with integrity call her or him out on it. Support political candidates who most closely represent your values and interests. Vote at election time.

The Political Power diet plan is an enlightened way towards health.

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