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New Pokemon set stirs up memories of the past

Pokemon’s new release, Heart Gold Soul Silver is essentially a reworking of the Gold and Silver set. For the most part the faces are the same but the attacks and powers have been updated to be more appropriate for the current tournament meta.

Starting with this set the popular level x cards are being phased out. Replacing them are the new prime pokemon. Instead of being a level up they are evolution cards. There are six in all, each with high powered attacks or powers including the long awaited return of the poke-power “Rain Dance.”
Also being introduced in this set are the legendary pokemon. Legends consist of two cards, a top and bottom half, which must be played together. The artwork on the legend cards is stunning and the design breaks the mold as the pokemon explode out of the art from and into the borders and text portion of the card.

Les Cannaday, leader of the pokemon league at ABU gives the set glowing reviews. “This set is so beastly. I can’t wait to see what these new cards can do.” Others feel the same as this set has created a lot of buzz in the Boise pokemon community.

Heart Gold Soul Silver is available at most department stores as well as at all the local gaming stores. Shortly after release Target stores will offer a promo pack which includes one of two exclusive promos as well as a promotional pack along with the Heart Gold Soul Silver booster.


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