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New Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament, heading to arcades in Japan

A new Pokemon game was officially announced today as Bandai Namco and The Pokemon Company have come together to release Pokken Tournament.

Pokken Tournament will be heading to Japanese arcades in 2015

Pokken Tournament is a fighting game with Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and SoulCalibur producer Masaaki Hoshino at the helm. Both have a ton of experience building successful fighting games, and it is safe to assume that things will be quite grand once Pokken Tournament hits Japanese arcades in 2015.

The Pokemon Company is also hugely involved in the project, with CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara being part of the team that presented the original idea for the game to Bandai Namco. Screenshots of the game were originally shown off back in August of 2013, with no actual news coming until today.

Today's trailer (available above) shows Machamp and Lucario, two Fighting-type Pokemon, duking it out in the middle of a field. The game plays like a standard fighter, making it a far different scene than Pokemon fans are used to seeing.

While Pokken Tournament is currently being touted as a Japanese arcade game, there seems to be reason to believe that it will head to consoles sooner than later. For starters, the game was announced by all Pokemon social media accounts. It would seem pointless for the American Pokemon company to show off a game exclusive to Japanese arcades.

Another reasons fans can expect to see the game is thanks to a potential slip up by Ishihara. According to Siliconera, Ishihara stated that the game will be released "first on arcades" and then went on to say "oops, I said first." This obviously is a pretty big endorsement for those hoping to see the game on their Wii U.

As of now we cant be sure when or if Pokken Tournament will reach consoles or even leave Japan. But for now it certainly seems like a big possibility, and something Pokemon fans will definitely be buzzing about.

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