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New 'PokeBank' information finally available for fans

The PokeBank has been on hiatus until now.
The PokeBank has been on hiatus until now.

Two days after Christmas, fans of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y bolted to the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop in order to download the new PokeBank and PokeTransporter Apps, products that would allow fans to bring their Pokemon from past generations into the current era.

Server troubles and bandwidth overload prevented the release for most of the world and information on the Apps has been scarce. Finally however we received a message, if not a cryptic one, from the Nintendo of America twitter account.

“Pokémon Bank has launched in certain Asian countries. Please stay tuned to our social channels for updates on availability in other regions, including North America.”

Despite this news, North American fans have continued to badger every possible Pokemon social network account clamoring for information on the release date. While Nintendo has remained quiet about that, this does at least lead fans to believe they will receive the application at some point.

Fans were beginning to believe that Nintendo might just decide to forget about the application entirely, and pretend it never existed. While initially that sounded farfetched, as the weeks went on without a word it seemed more and more plausible.

With this new update from Nintendo, fans all over the world can at least hope to see their old Pokemon joining them sooner rather than later. When exactly that might be is up in the air, and with the way Nintendo has handled the situation thus far, it will more than likely come when nobody is expecting it.

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