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New Playstation Plus games being released in July

New games being released for PlayStation Plus
New games being released for PlayStation Plus
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

The free batch of PlayStation Plus games for July has been announced by Sony, according to Euro Gamer which was reported on June 25. The free batch of games for PlayStation 4 includes Platformer Towerfall as well as Capcom’s Strider. The free games for PlayStation 3 for July will be Visceral’s Dead Space 3 as well as Vessel, which is an exciting 2D puzzle action game. Vita will get some free PlayStation Plus games as well and they include Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes and Doki Doki Universe.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Chris Howe wanted to remind gamers that the beta for Destiny will be launched on the PlayStation platforms on July 17 and gamers who want access will need to get a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Because of the new PlayStation Plus guidelines, each of the new free batches of games will be released on July 1, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. Also, there will be some games leaving the PlayStation Plus and the list includes:

For PlayStation 4

· Pixlejunk Shooter Ultimate

For PlayStation 3

· Trine 2: Complete Story

· NBA 2K14

· Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

For PlayStation Vita:

· Mutant Mudds Deluxe

· Terraria

Also, Doki Doki Universe for PlayStation Vita which is releasing on July 1 will come with the ability to cross-buy for the PS4 and the PS3. Muramasa Rebirth for Vita will also be released.

Other games leaving the PlayStation Plus in July include Puppeteer, Lone Survivor, Dragon’s Crown, and Surge Deluxe.

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If you are worried about your roommates or friends using your wallet codes, just set-up different wallet code accounts for them to use.

If using a PlayStation Store Cash Card to buy wallet codes, you can only use them on the PlayStation Network, not at your local retail stores or any online stores. Also, you can only use them in the United States.

Another good thing is, if you don't want to keep adding your credit card to buy a PlayStation Store Card, you can allow Sony to keep deducting the amount you want to spend automatically.

You can only have $150 in your wallet code at one time, every time. However, as long as you only use up to $150 on your wallet code, there is no limit to adding funds to it.

Players can also use voucher codes to add wallet codes to their PlayStation wallet code account. What is good about voucher codes is that if you don't have a credit card, they are a good alternative. They can also be used to award players the ability to download certain things from the PlayStation Store. Voucher codes sometimes come with bundle packs.

You can also rack up points by using the PlayStation Store Cash Card. You can check this out for more information on the different points you can rack up.

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