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New Planet of the Apes movie, entertainment with a societal message

Man and ape try to come together in a spirit of cooperation
Man and ape try to come together in a spirit of cooperation

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes arrived in theaters with a lot of fanfare and hoopla. There were a lot of questions about the film which needed to be answered the chief of which, would the movie live up to the to the standards set in the first film. A few moments into the movie and you soon find the a answer - yes.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes place ten years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The human population of the earth has been devastated by the 'simian flu' a result of Gen -Sys vaccine which makes apes smarter but kills human.

In the city of San Francisco, lives a small population of humans, immune to the virus and trying to survive. The colony's energy supply ia almost depleted. There only hope of survival is to restore a dam, in the mountains outside the city, to working order. The dam will provide much needed electricity to the city.

Enter the simians who, since the last installment when we saw Caesar going off into the woods with his friends, have established a colony of their own throughout the forest beyond the city. Part of the simians encampment sits on top of the dam. this is basis for the rest of the film the struggle between man and ape to put aside differences in order to build an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

There are some campy scenes like when Koba sits atop a horse gun held high, flames shooting to the sky all around. To talk to much more about the plot line would take away some of the fun of watching the film. The movie is an excellent addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise because it is both entertaining and offer a societal message for all of us.

While man and ape struggle to go beyond their differences and learn trust each other there is one ape, Koba, who is still immersed in his fear and hatred for mankind. Koba's hatred leads him to turn on his own kind (spoiler alert) in order to satisfy his own desire for revenge and go to war with the humans. He at one point even turns on his own friend Caesar, up to that point had befriended the humans.

In the end Planet of the Apes is both a film designed to entertain us but also teach us a lesson about how fear can tare us apart but acceptance can breed trust and friendship. The message of Planet of the Apes, we all need to learn from our differences in order to become a much better society.

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