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New places and people in the pet care arena

The video above shows just some of the reasons for Day Care while we work. Our pets are very precious to us but when it is necessary to go to work what about our pets? Each of us looks for the best alternative to leaving our pet alone. For some the answer is simple either working close to home or having some freedom in our employment to run home and check on our pet is within our reach. Especially with a senior dog or cat this may be the best alternative as they do not always adjust well to having other pets around. The rest of us search for the best of care for our pets. Many times this is having an in-home care person. This person may be a dog walker or a cat trainer, maybe the person just stops by to provide food and water, and some much needed TLC. There are other times when it is necessary to have a place outside of our home for our pet.

Outside our home there are pet Day Cares much like the ones advertised on City Dog Magazine ( In this case City Dog Club – coupons save 50% expires 2/28/14, of course there are limits to how much we can afford to spend or what resources (day cares) are within our area. Check with the local for names and phone numbers, also to have an informed eye provide you with information and referral information.

We need to keep in mind that although a day care may cost $200.00 to $300.00 a month, that is far less expensive than a puppy who has too much energy and no outlet but to chew in our home. Another resource maybe, which offers in-home, walkers, trainers and so forth, which may cost less per hour and provide the answer for your lifestyle and our pets safety.

The most important part is to think outside of the box, be sure our pet is safe, try to safeguard our home and possessions and always listen to your heart and gut. If things don’t feel right they probably are not, our pets cannot talk, so listen to your heart.

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