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New photos appear to show the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Samsung Galaxy S5
RaviC - Wikimedia Commons

South Korean tech giant, Samsung are apparently getting ready to release a new flagship device next month, and these new pictures that have been leaked today, May 19th 2014, apparently show the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, an aluminum clad version of the current S5 smartphone. The Galaxy S5 has been another world-wide hit for Samsung, but it looks like there could be a follow up to the 2 month old smartphone already.

The biggest question that has to be asked is, why are Samsung releasing a follow up to a two month old phone? The new premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the tech giants attempt at appeasing those who want a phone that feels a little more premium than the plastic clad Galaxy S5. Ever since the inception of the Galaxy line of smartphones, consumers have complained about cheap build quality when compared to the likes of the Apple iPhone, and the HTC One series of devices.

The S5 Prime will be covered in aluminum, much like its rival, the HTC One M8, it will feature a super high resolution 5.2-inch 1440x2560 QHD display, 3GB of RAM in place of the 2GB found in the current S5, a new Adreno 420 graphics GPU in place of the current gen Adreno 320, and the newer Snapdragon 805 processor instead of the Snapdragon 801 in the recently released plastic S5.

The pictures really do not tell the whole story when it comes to this new device, because the S5 Prime looks almost identical to the current model of the S5. As you can see from the specifications listed above, most of the changes appear to be under the hood. Looking at the phone, there is just one subtle change to the overall design, which is the speaker grill being removed from the bottom rear of the phone, otherwise it looks identical apart from the aluminum chassis. Do not take these pictures as gospel, because they were not officially released by Samsung, but the subtle changes can be seen in the pictures.

Many will argue that this is the phone that Samsung should have released in the first place, and there is no doubt that there will be many customers who will likely feel cheated that their new $600 smartphone could possibly be obsolete already. I would definitely put this leak under the 'i'll believe it when I see it file' simply because Samsung aren't crazy enough to to replace their flagship device already, are they? If they are ready to move things up to the Prime, it will certainly be interesting to see how they deal with the hoards of angry Galaxy S5 purchasers.

Source: PhoneArena

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