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New Photo For Amazing Spider-Man 2 features The Green Goblin

The latest image to the summer sequel features a better look at The Green Goblin
Sony Pictures

There are no shortage of enemies for the Wall-Crawler in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In a new image from Sony Pictures, Spider-Man is taking on a villain who is no stranger to moviegoers: The Green Goblin. While Electro will be the film's major baddie, fans and moviegoers a like know that Spider-Man's arch nemesis will be making an appearance as well, and given the image, two will certainly be duking it out.

If there was any uncertainty before the release of this picture, it is safe to say that Norman Osborne (Dane DeHaan) will be riding the glider in this summer blockbuster. The image feature Goblin and Spider-Man neck and neck; undoubtedly in the film's climax.

Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sees Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) living two lives: a graduating high school student and the web swinging hero Spider-Man. With the city loving his heroism and girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) at his side, what could possibly go wrong for? Well things are going to take a drastic turn when a new enemy named Electro (Jamie Foxx) emerges. Peter quickly discovers the tough responsibility his enemies will create, which includes his greatest foe: Oscorp. Along with Garfield, Stone, DeHaan and Foxx, the movie also stars Paul Giamatti, Embeth Davidz, Campbell Scott, Colm Feore, Sally Fields and Chris Cooper.

What evil does The Goblin have in mind? We will just have to wait and see when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters on May 2nd.

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