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New Philly artist T-360 brings positive style with swagger

Bringing positive style with swagger
Bringing positive style with swagger
Stephanie Nolt

We met up with T-360 recently and had the opportunity to ask him some questions regarding what's happening in his career.

How did you get started in the music scene?

T-360: I started making music as a personal side project with my producer friend who we like to refer to as “The Coach”. It was honestly only a Christmas gift for a young woman that I was involved with several years ago and “The Coach” along with our sound engineer simply mentioned…”you should take this seriously”. Long story short, that’s what I did haha.
The Coach contacted me in regards to my T-360’s project and we worked in the studio and everything just gelled so nicely that we decided to get involved in each other’s projects.

What's the story behind your stage name?

T-360: “T” is for the first letter of my name and “360” is my outlook on life. You gotta stay well rounded. As an individual you don’t want to be narrow minded and stuck in a box.

What are you music influences?

T-360: I like artists that have significant things to say. For example, my all- time favorite will always be Tupac for his honesty. People like to hear what they can feel and relate to and that’s what I strive for when choosing material that has a message.I also love the artist Pitbull with his swag and Black Eye Peas with their open mindedness. In fact many hear that in our sound.

So I understand you worked at Island Def Jam. How did this help to launch your project?

T-360: I was an intern there and that’s where I was exposed to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of the music industry.

I really enjoyed the professionalism of the Pushy Mama video. How was that film experience and can you tell us more about this video?

T-360: Pushy Mama was definitely fun to make because the idea of a “high Maintenance” woman definitely had to be addressed in a clever way that was not too “serious”. I always had a fascination with acting and this gave me an opportunity to do a little bit of that.

So with a new single I am guessing there's a new album on the way? What can you tell us about it? Any official release date, title in mind?

T-360: Actually it is an EP and the title is "The Future" that will be officially coming out and we are doing that because as my Manager states it is a singles driven market right now in the music game.

Have you experienced many moments while touring?

T-360: Once while going to perform in New York we could not find a hotel so we were up most of the night driving around until we all crashed at a friend’s place. The next day at the event we were so tired but hyped and that’s where we did the show with VH1’s Mob Wives.
One time on the bus going to NYC ”somebody” had to “take care of special business” while on the bus and traumatized all the passengers. It was a terrible and “punishing” ride. My dancer and good friend stated that it “almost ruined his entire day!” Hahaa.

What's next in your world?

T-360: More concerts and many surprises. Last summer was busy with charity events such as the No Brainer for Philadelphia’s Race for Hope which deals with brain cancer. Also, there were performances at the New Jersey shore, the East side of Manhattan and recently we opened for Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan for his skateboard clothing line at New York’s Fashion week with Outbreak Boards. Now tomorrow Sunday at 6:30 pm at the Voltage Lounge 421 N 7th Street, Phila. PA 19123 we will be performing a few former tunes as well as a surprise new track entitled Therapy.

Where can we find more about your music?
T-360: Everything is on, follow on twitter @t360music, Instagram: t360music, and like us on It's all about communication and staying connected!

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