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New paranormal trigger objects feature vibration detection

A new paranormal device is available to purchase this summer. Paranormal Playground group leader and Paranormal Examiner John Albrecht developed a new trigger object to use on paranormal investigations.

Remote controlled trigger objects will feature vibration detection
John Albrecht

Pinky and Bluey Talebears are stuffed plush toys that will feature a vibration detector with an audio alarm that includes a wireless key-chain remote for arming and disarming the device. Albrecht got the idea for the trigger object while on an investigation with Xtreme Paranormal investigator Jim Coffman at Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 14, 2012.

A trigger object is something that is used by paranormal investigators to entice spirits to interact with them in hopes that the ghosts will manifest. Trigger objects can be used on a paranormal investigation in a number of ways. An investigator can have the trigger object with them during their investigation or they can leave it in an empty room with cameras and audio equipment set up to monitor it.

When the device is triggered or moved, the vibration sensor triggers a 120 decibel alarm that lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Investigators can use the wireless key-chain remote to arm and disarm the object nearly anywhere in the house.

Talebears are the only paranormal trigger object on the market that features vibration detection. The device also includes a remote control key-chain to activate or deactivate the alarm. There are similar trigger objects available that detect electromagnetic fields but they are expensive and are selling for $120 and up. Talebears detect vibrations, not electromagnetic fields.

Both Talebear models can be purchased on Albrecht's website or his eBay store for $39.99.

Pinky Talebear with Vibration Detection $39.99
Bluey Talebear with Vibration Detection $39.99

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