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New paranormal comic strip on Facebook pokes back at online bullies

New paranormal comic strip pokes back at online bullies
New paranormal comic strip pokes back at online bullies
Paranormal Perversion

A new comic strip is making the rounds in the Facebook paranormal community this month. The cartoon appears to be taking serious issues that a lot of people are too afraid to talk about and putting them out in the open.

The first series in the Paranormal Perversion comic focus on a man named Dave Goldinger. Goldinger is a paranormal investigator based in Akron, Ohio and runs a Facebook group called "The New APER Paranormal Family" that strives for paranormal unity. Or at least that's what he claims.

A lot of folks that have been members of the group are referring to it as a cult. Former members, mostly women, talk about allegedly being harassed by Goldinger on a regular basis. Lately, there seem to be dozens, if not more people coming out and telling their horror stories.

"Anyone with the names Jodi, Jody, Jodee, Joe. D or any similar sounding names are banned immediately and permanently from the family," a character in the comic, poking fun at Goldinger says.

Some folks that know Goldinger say that he is best known in the paranormal community as an online drama king.

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