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New Painting by Boerne Texas Artist Sidney Sinclair

Sidney Sinclair
Courtesy of JR Mooney Galleries

The new painting by Sidney Sinclair, “ Crown of Thorns” is a purist tie to the often subjective suffering of the Christian savior; a spiritual, religious and personal attribution to an iconic and symbolic epiphany.

With several interpretive suggestions as to a crossroads in Sinclair’s exploration of the abstract, “Crown of Thorns” gives us a monotone palette, letting the mixed media textural elements create the composition. She shies away from her usual host of muted landscape hues; giving us ochre that radiates an inner luminosity. Although yellow can be a bit garish, Sinclair nails it with a simplistic approach.

Her examination of abstract sensibilities can be found in her current body of neo-impressionistic landscapes, but as this confidence bleeds into her geometric cross transcendences, newfound perfections and imperfections bare light on an inner artist dialogue giving voice to bold statements as she loosens her grip on traditional genres, hoping to marry the two [genres] in a spiritual world of revelatory renditions.

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