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New Orleans Uptown area of Magazine Street to get major renovations

New Orleans' Magazine Street
New Orleans' Magazine Street
Ray Delvin

New Orleans' uptown area of Magazine Street is about to get a complete transformation that is supposed to start early 2014. The city wants to put almost $13 million dollars into laying new road pavements, sidewalk repairs, new utility accesses, and other major renovations. This complete upgrade is supposed to stretch from Nashville Avenue all the way down to Leake Avenue.

"The first phase, from Nashville Avenue to Calhoun Street, will cost $4.7 million and begin construction at the start of 2015," according to the Uptown Messenger paper. It will then move onto to another renovation phase that will take on Calhoun Street to Leake Avenue. The renovation project is under creation down according to Mitch Landrieu's spokespeople.

Moving on even further uptown, The Audubon Commission has put in a request for funds as well to be invested in the repaving of the road that connects Audubon Zoo with the Riverview Park. These renovations will add a biking path and other amenities.

Audubon has been warned that Magazine Street may become one-way during the project, which will complicate the entrance to the zoo, but will ultimately be worth the difficulty, said Larry Rivarde, the executive vice president and managing director of the Audubon Nature Institute.

“We look forward to the inconvenience, because it needs to happen,” Rivarde said.

Because of those plans, the Audubon Commission is reducing its own request for improvements along Magazine Street. The park had hoped for brick crosswalks, as a sort of gentle traffic calming measure. Although, the city’s renovation plans do not include bricks, the Audubon Commission is wanting money to add them after the project is completed.

Audubon wants more landscaping lining Magazine Street, which would indicate to car traffic that they are on a road that is winding through a park. They would even like to eventually put up an archway entrance onto the path as a grand entrance welcoming everyone to the newly designed uptown area.

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