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New Orleans International Beer Festival quenches thirsts this Saturday

Saturday afternoon at the Superdome!
Saturday afternoon at the Superdome!

Welp... it looks like beer is starting to become a big deal in the Crescent City again.

Not that drinking beer was ever unpopular here, but there was a time where good, quality beer was hard to find in this town. I refer to this era as the "Dark Ages". Other people may know this period of despair as "pretty much my entire lifetime". This slowly began to change with the rise of Abita in the 90's, and the addition of NOLA and other breweries in the region more recently... but it appears as though the floodgates are starting to open. It seems there is another label distributing to the state every month (I'm looking at you Founders), and new Louisiana breweries are popping up left and right (Great Raft, Courtyard, Chafunkta, etc...), so it is truly an exciting time to be a craft beer drinker in the City That Care Forgot.

So how do you take advantage of this, gentle consumer? You can always drink good beer at The Avenue Pub... or buy some nice bottles at Stein's. One simple way to maximize your variety, however, is to partake in the celebration this Saturday at the New Orleans International Beer Festival!

With over 150 beers and ciders available, these festive festivities expose you to unlimited two-ounce samples of the entire selection. That's four hours of consumption and tasting... not the large-green-beer-chugging St. Paddy's Day kind, but more of a casual, hang-out-with-friends-and-try-many-different-styles occasion. And with excellent vendors such as Parish, Stillwater, Stone, and North Coast on hand, you'll be sure to find something interesting or unusual to please your palate. I know I'm looking forward to discovering some new favorites myself.

So join me at Champions Square in front of the Superdome at 2pm, and bring your thirst. You're going to need it. Check out all the details at the website and make sure you get your tickets soon. I have a feeling this will be one popular event.

Not that drinking in this city was ever unpopular... but I already mentioned that, right?

See you there!

Mark Burlet
Drunken Intellectual
Twitter: @DrunkIntellect

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