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New organization aims to raise puppy mill awareness in Massachusetts

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What started off as an idea to protest against pet stores in Massachusetts that sell puppies and kittens has quickly grown into a statewide organization to alert the public to the pet store/puppy mill connection.

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All over the state residents have stood outside pet stores such as Fin, Fur and Feather in Hanover, Pet Express in Braintree, and Puppy Place in West Springfield to peacefully protest the selling of animals in stores. The majority of puppies that are sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, often by way of a puppy broker.

Puppy mills are large scale breeding facilities that typically have inhumane conditions. The dogs are often neglected, receiving inadequate care. Puppy brokers are pet dealers that get puppies from breeders and puppy mills, transport them and resell them, often to pet stores. The care the puppies receive while in the hands of the broker is often poor and inhumane as well.

With the help of social media, demonstrators at each pet store have become aware of each other. As residents have come together to stop the pet store/puppy mill trade, a new organization was born: Massachusetts Coalition to End Puppy Mills.

A spokesperson for Massachusetts Coalition to End Puppy Mills, Linda Murphy, states:

“We seek to raise awareness in the community about the pet store/puppy mill connection and work with legislators to pass better laws to protect the parent dogs, the puppies and families. Since the Freedom of Information Act, it is much easier for people to research the breeders and much more difficult for pet stores to deceive their customers about the origins of the puppies they sell. We hope that when people learn the truth they will choose to adopt and not shop.”

For more information regarding the new organization, please visit Mass. Coalition to End Puppy Mills.

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