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New Optimism that Peace Talks Will be Extended

With the peace talk deadline less then two weeks away, the US is frantically working day by day and minute by minute, behind the scenes, trying to get both sides to agree on extending the peace talks before the April 29th deadline.

A promising meeting was set for Monday in which Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators were to meet, but it had since been delayed due to a terror shooting of an Israeli citizen in the West Bank. The talks have been rescheduled for Thursday however, by the request of the United States.

Netanyahu blamed the attack on the Palestinians, in response, Abbas condemned such an attack. In front of a group of Israeli lawmakers, he stated that he condemned violence of the Palestinians and Israelis. A spokesman for Abbas, Nabil Abu Rdaniah also said "we are against violence and a return to violence".

Although the peace deadline is getting close, many still believe that the peace talks can be saved. Arab League Chief Nabil Eleraby is one such person. He believes that the peace talks will be extended beyond the April 29th deadline, as his faith lies in the belief that Israel will let the fourth round of Palestinians prisoners go. Just as much enthusiasm was coming from Israel as an Israeli official was quoted as saying "no one has given up yet".

Rumors have been circulating from an unnamed source, that a peace deal extension has already been reached. This deal will see a number of Palestinians set free and a freeze on settlements in the West Bank. In return, the Palestinians will suspend their plans to join 15 international bodies. To add an extra incentive, the US has even agreed to release US Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

US Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki optimistically stated, "The parties are working right now on an agreement to extend the negotiations. And that means extending the negotiations past April 29th. There are naturally a range of issues being discussed. There are steps that both parties would need to take in order to improve the conditions for peace. But the parties remain highly engaged. Both parties tell us that they want the negotiations to continue and they are searching for a path to do just that."

last week Israel and the Palestinians had met an unprecedented four times in an effort to keep the peace talks going. Abbas was reported as saying when meeting with the Arab League Officials that there was a breakthrough in the talks, that would enable a continuation of the talks past the April 29th deadline.

Both sides are optimistic and are putting in unprecedented effort to keeping the peace process moving forward. But in order to make this all possible, Netanyahu must let the last round of Palestinian prisoners go and the Palestinians must suspend their plan to join 15 international bodies. These two things must happen within the next couple of weeks, before the April 29th deadline.

Even though the agreement is being delayed, it won't be delayed for long. The things that are happening now with the Peace Agreement are the final signs before the hour of trial begins, which must mean that it is right at the door. The Bible says it starts with the signing of the Peace Agreement that involves Israel, with the Antichrist orchestrating this agreement. That time is here, now. There has never been such a time as this with so much Biblical prophecy unfolding at once. Jesus could come any day now. The Bible says He comes like a theif in the night. We do not know the exact day or hour. So get prepared by asking him to forgive you of your sins while turning away from those sins. Don't be left behind, get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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