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New opportunity for Colorado screenwriters

The Colorado film commission has a new program geared at Colorado screenwriters, to get more locals’ feet in the door and voices heard.

Seven local film professionals are signed up to participate in the mentorship, which will guarantee 200 Colorado scribes get their screenplays read and evaluated. These readers have been selected from writing programs across the state, including the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Colorado Film School, and the University of Colorado. Members from the BlueCat Screenplay team are also on board.

The mentor program is one of hopefully several initiatives arising out of the film commission’s 2014-15 budget, approved last April. Donald Zuckerman, commissioner to the Colorado film board, praised the effort: “The good thing from our point of view is we’re servicing 200 people in the community who are trying to break in,” he told reporters at the Denver Post.

Zuckerman joined the Colorado film board back in 2011 to tighten up the tax incentives and economic growth. His end-goal is to return the state to a flourishing hot spot for producers seeking prime locations.

The $10,000 program offers a starting point to get screenwriters heard, complete with constructive feedback on their endeavours. Anything beyond that is not promised, though things are possible and many locals, including Commissioner Zuckerman, hope the opportunity puts a mark on the growing film community.

Screenplays are accepted online at a first-come, first-serve basis. Entries are spread out across the year, with 50 reviewed each quarter. No fee is required to submit work, but entries are limited to Colorado residents only, and one screenplay per household.

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