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New online vampire class being offered by college professor

Lure of the Vampire being used as a text book for an online vampire class
used with permission by author

Did you ever wonder where the stores of vampires come from? What about why women love these creatures so much? Or even how vampires can inspire children to learn to count. Well there is a new online vampire class being offered to anyone interested in learning more about the creatures of the night.

Introduction to Vampires, is a class provided by the Mystical Paranormal Academy as a fun but educational class that helps the amateur vampireologist learn the basics of vampires. The class is broken down into ten lessons that correspond to the ten chapters in the text book, “Lure of the Vampire”. Each lesson has readings from the book, videos to watch and papers to write.

The students who join the class are students for life and they can interact with other students from around the word. Right now there are American, Canadian, and Australian students in the class.

One of the more popular chapters this far has been the mythology chapter that looks at women’s roles in the world of vampires. The class looks at Lilith, Khali and more and the role that they played in the explanations of women’s roles in society at that time.

The class came about actually before the book was written. The book was based on the graduate thesis paper of the author's. She was near completing her second double masters in social science and education (the first was in sociology and criminology). When she submitted her thesis and spoke to people about it they encouraged her to turn it into a pop culture reference book that compiled not only here thesis but also all of her links and research that she compiled during graduate school. Thus the creation of “Lure of the Vampire: A Pop Culture Reference Book” came to be in 2011.

But it took three years to find the time and the forum to do this. While teaching at a small community college she was approached by a friend Patti Starr with the Mystical Paranormal Academy to bring her class to life there. The Mystical Paranormal Academy is a hub of five teachers that provide supernatural, paranormal and metaphysical classes both online and in person. The site offers classes such as paranormal investigation, meditations, and other supernatural creatures such as fairies and angels and more.

The class is normally $100 plus the book but for a limited time is it $50 plus the book. So check it out here.

If you would like to learn more about this class and the others at the Mystical Paranormal Academy please visit their website here.

If you would like to check out more vampire books then visit here.

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