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New online marketplace for coupon sellers opens today

New online marketplace for coupon sellers opens today
New online marketplace for coupon sellers opens today
Photo courtesy of The Happy Couponer, used with permission

The Happy Couponer Coupon Clipping Service announced the opening of their new online marketplace for coupon sellers to gather and promote their wares. As of today, April 24, 2014, The Happy Couponer Marketplace is open for business.

While it's still too soon to tell, this announcement should be welcome news to the thousands of sellers who were forced out of business when Ebay tightened up their selling rules in July 2013. Many, after building up lucrative businesses at the online auction site, were forced to either troll for customers on Facebook or online coupon forums or simply abandon their businesses altogether.

According to Jessica Crowe, owner of The Happy Couponer, the new marketplace promises to be an even better platform for sellers than Ebay.

“The Happy Couponer pulls in traffic from all over the country," says Crowe. "We have a highly targeted audience. They're looking specifically for manufacturer and grocery coupons and there's nothing else on our site to distract them. Our customers are wonderful people who tell us every day how much they appreciate our service and our site because it's so much friendlier than Ebay."

This announcement should also be welcome news for the millions of coupon-buyers who flocked to Ebay every week when the new coupon inserts became available. Left with no supply source, they've been forced to beg, borrow and dumpster-dive to keep the coupons coming in.

“At THC we've always promised to have fun, first, and help our customers save as much money as possible," says Crowe. "We're very grateful to our growing community of happy couponers. We know they need access to coupons that we just don't see in our local market. We're extremely thankful for their patience and loyalty."

"With that in mind, we knew we could kill two birds with one stone. We're opening up our site so sellers can get back in the game, and we're providing the broader range of coupons our customers need.”

According their “Choose Your Shop” page, there are no listing or selling fees at The Happy Couponer Marketplace and shops can be had for as little as $19.95 per month with nearly unlimited listing possibilities.