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New online lottery app courts controversy, sets daily playing limit for gamblers

There’s a new lottery app in town, at least for Illinois residents, and that very first real lottery app is already courting controversy, reports The Chicago Tribune. Indeed, this Internet Deals Examiner downloaded the free app from the iTunes App Store onto my iPad, simply to get a feel for the news-making app, and to spy out what’s sure to be a coming trend across plenty of states nationwide.

“Anything’s possible,” touts the Illinois lottery app’s opening page, proclaiming users “must be 18+ and within the State of Illinois to play. Know your limits and play responsibly.”

That last admonition is exactly what gambling addiction experts are worried about: that lottery apps like these provide too easy of a gateway for people with a propensity to gamble to play irresponsibly. To that end, the app has set a minimum purchase of $5 – and an upper limit restriction that doesn’t allow anyone to gamble away more than $150 daily or $1,050 weekly or $3,500 per month, totals that could still be a hefty sum for those who can’t afford such numbers.

Few downloads, modest sales

Thus far, the official app has only experienced approximately 128,000 downloads and less than $1 million in ticket sales, quite low considering the convenience that players in a huge city like Chicago could undergo from popping onto their iPhones, iPads or Android devices to play the latest Powerball, Mega Millions or Lotto Extra Shot games.

Alas, app-creator Northstar hasn’t put a lot of funding into advertising the app yet, although the company hopes to attract younger people who are more used to making purchases via the convenience of their mobile devices.

Most lottery tickets still sold via retailers

Business Week reports that nearly 100% of lottery tickets are still sold at the places we’re used to seeing them: gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores, just the way those retailers like it, in order to get a share of the winnings, if so allowed via their individual regulations.

Outside of the addition of individual states’ apps is the addition of the LotteryHUB app, which allows for users to add various states’ lottery information to their settings as well. The app is designed by Shoutz, out of Austin, Texas. Therefore, a writer like me can scan instant scratch-off tickets via the official Ohio lottery app to check for winners, and also find additional information via the LotteryHUB app.


With the ease of gaining money through things like an online cash advance, lottery tickets purchased via mobile apps and a plethora of other income-gaining procedures that used to require that consumers leave their homes to retrieve the money, this 21st century manner of making money requires quite a bit of self-discipline and wisdom to make proper monetary decisions. But for those of us who learn to play the high-tech game correctly and take advantage of the best of the digital cutting edge lottery landscape, we just may discover that we are among the first millionaires – made so without having to leave the comfort of our plush sofas.

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