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New online indie fashion shopping experience is now open

the clothing menu boutique is now open!
the clothing menu boutique is now open!

A new online shopping experience launched a couple weeks ago, offering unique clothes and accessories from independent designers through an online store, the clothing menu boutique. In combination with the clothing menu blog, stylish women are able to read about the clothes and accessories designers in the clothing menu boutique, learning about the designers themselves and the passion they have for the products they make. As a result, people have a story to tell about the items they buy and the designers who made them.

Currently in the shop are the following independent designers:

  • Fischer Clothing - timeless tops from a Brooklyn designer who creates clothes that are made to be worn in different occasions (work, class, dinner, etc.) so you get the most out of what you buy
  • Truth - tops from a New Jersey designer that are rocker-chic and sexy
  • cuttlefish - jewelry from a Boston designer who makes colorful unique pieces out of stones, gems, wood, and glass beads
  • a.g. ambroult - earrings, rings, and a necklace from a mom of 2 located in the Boston area who is a metalsmith making interesting pieces of jewelry
  • Pattern Recognitions - scarves from a designer based in Montreal who prints images onto the scarves from her own video work and photography

The shop only carries limited quantities and new designers and items are being added on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check the blog and shop often. Also, the shop is offering free shipping on all items for the grand opening - free shipping ends this Sunday, November 14!


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