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New online destination for retro streetwear about to take off

Sneakah Boutique hasn’t yet celebrated its one-year anniversary, and already this new online destination for retro streetwear is geared to take off to the next level. The three twenty-something-year-old founders of Sneakah Boutique discussed the future of the brand and provided advice for young entrepreneurs to get ahead after college in an exclusive interview with the Long Island Women’s Style Examiner on Monday.

The slideshow depicts a sample of street wear available at Sneakah Boutique.
Sneakah Boutique
Get these sneakers and other retro streetwear from Sneakah Boutique.
Sneakah Boutique

Inspired by the fashion of the 80s and 90s, three friends embarked on a business venture to bring retro sneakers, apparel and accessories combined with the current streetwear, to young, urban shoppers. Aimed at teens, twenty-somethings and those that favor a retro look, Sneakah Boutique emerged to fill a void in the online marketplace with this innovative new portal.

Nailah Wright, Whitney Bryant and Ernest Freeman combined their various backgrounds in business, fashion and music to launch Sneakah Boutique. To stay “actively abreast” of what’s hot and enhance the “consumer experience,” the team created SB TV, which “forecasts fashion trends and provides the most current urban lifestyle news, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews, behind the scenes footage, fashion lookbooks, and commercials.”

In a phone interview with the Long Island Women’s Style Examiner, the trio of inspirational young entrepreneurs discussed the past, present and future, literally the three aspects that define Sneakah Boutique. Nailah has “always been intrigued by the 90s culture.” She was fascinated by the fashion seen on her mother, house singer Simone, and her backup dancers that was worn during rehearsals and in the studio. Inspired by the clothes from that era, Nailah enlisted the skills of Ernest and Whitney, and with intense research formed SB, which began as an “online store exclusively for collectible sneakers, and quickly evolved into a true lifestyle portal, with products that range from collectible footwear, to accessories and apparel.”

As many who lived the fashion of the 80s and 90s, Nailah says her mother is “amused that everything is reemerging.” She described the online destination as one with “a retro feel with a modern day twist, so we do carry some of the relevant new stuff, such as skateboard and streetwear brands like KangaROOS, Cross Colours, Reason, Mishka NYC, Gourmet Footwear, Radii, Sprayground, Rastaclat, Flat Fitty, 9 Five Eyewear, Married To The Mob, HLZBLZ, Akomplice, Flud and more, but it is so inspired by the old stuff, which is like recycling.”

Sneakah Boutique is the “online destination for fashion enthusiasts, trend influencers and statement makers on the hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind items with a retro feel.” Shoppers can find “streetwear collectible sneakers, pop culture-influenced graphic tees, retro-printed tops and fitted hats entirely curated by a team of experts."

The SB team would like a “full house” of vendors as they reach their goal of branching out in the “international fashion market with an increase in technology.” For twenty-somethings entering the job arena from college or starting a business, Nailah advises to “go for it, but definitely do your research, check out the competition and find local resources to follow your heart.”

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