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New nuclear reactor may be heading to South Carolina and Savannah River Site

An agreement signed this morning seems to be paving the way for a small modular reactor to be constructed at the Savannah River Site near AIken, S.C.

The Aiken Standard reports on it's Website that an agreement Savannah River National Laboratory and Hyperion Power Generation Inc could see a reactor built at the federal weapons complex site.

"This is one of the first in a series of steps that can put this region in an active role toward transforming America's energy future," said Garry Flowers, president and CEO of SRS' management contractor Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. "Small and modular reactors can become the primary base of new, clean power for the world. SRS is an ideal place to develop and demonstrate this exciting technology."

Hyperion Power Generation, inc. is a privately-held corporation formed to construct and sell several designs of relatively small nuclear reactors designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

These reactors could be used for heat generation, production of electricity, and other purposes, including desalinization, according to reports.


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