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New non-chemical nanotech solution to Chicago's bed bug problem

For the many baby boomers who end up selling their homes and happily moving into apartment buildings or not-so-happily into nursing homes, the specter of bed bug infestations is a reality. Chicago came in as #1 in the U.S. in its rate of overall bed bug reports in 2012.

Guesstimates as to why bed bugs have become such a huge problem in the U.S. include the fact that more people travel and unwittingly bring them home, as well as the lack of understanding of how to prevent infestations and to deal with them when they start. It's a nasty problem you don't want to encounter.

Previous bed bug control methods always featured chemicals like insecticides, some of which the little critters were becoming immune to. I'm happy to report these yucky bugs may be on their way out. Researchers at a New York university have invented a material that uses nanotechnology to stop bed bugs. It contains millions of teeny tiny fibers that actually trap the bed bugs' feet. They can't move, which means they can't feed on your blood or get together to procreate. The nanomaterial is much denser than anything we make sheets and pillowcases out of, and the bugs just can't pass through it.

Visit the City of Chicago website for more information about bed bugs. But remember this new invention is on the way. Hurray! I hope they hurry and get it on the market. Maybe we won't have to use toxic chemicals - and maybe never have to worry about bed bugs again.


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