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New Nintendo 3DS system announced, will have exclusive titles

A new 3DS system has been announced and it will have exclusive games
A new 3DS system has been announced and it will have exclusive games

This morning's Nintendo 3DS Direct sent out a cavalcade of news pertaining to the system, however there was one bit of information that will have a huge impact on handheld owners.

A new 3DS system is on its way, and much to the dismay of 3DS early adapters, it will have games exclusive to it. One of the first games announced for the New 3DS was a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles, which will also eventually be joined by other system exclusives according to Satoru Iwata of Nintendo.

The system sports two additional shoulder buttons as well as an extra joystick above the buttons on the system's right side. The extra joystick acts much like the C-stick, though it is quite small in size.

Other features that were touted were the speed and power of the New 3DS. According to Iwata the additional power is what makes it possible to play games like Xenoblade, while the speed will make things like internet browsing and game downloading even faster.

The system is set to release in Japan in only a little more than a month, with a release date of October 11. There will be a regular version as well as an XL version, with the systems costing 16,000 and 18,000 yen respectively. According to Polygon an American release will not be seen this year.

While it's good that the 3DS is getting some much needed improvements, this effectively feels like a whole new system. When you add exclusive games to the mix, especially ones as highly requested as Xenoblade Chronicles, you're going to hear some backlash from the devoted fans who already bought a 3DS.

As of now there is no timetable for when the New 3DS will hit the shores of North America. When it does arrive, a smart decision for Nintendo would be to allow early 3DS adapters to exchange there old systems for a discount on the new one. If this isn't offered, there is a huge chance the New 3DS will absolutely flop.

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