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New network of free online events offers expert learning opportunities

Marco Montemagno, Founder & CEO of SuperSummit
Marco Montemagno, Founder & CEO of SuperSummit

Introducing SuperSummit, an online network of live video interviews with experts that is the first of its kind within the online learning community. While there has been phenomenal interest in massive open online courses commonly known as MOOCs, that have vastly changed the delivery system for adult learning, MOOC providers generally share a similar delivery technique. SuperSummit is going a giant step further providing a new edge to online learning.

What separates SuperSummit from popular providers such as Cousera, EdX, Udacity, Udemy, NovoEd and the like is that SuperSummit specializes in live, online interviews that are free to watch. When you register for a course with Coursera, Udacity or edX etc, the videos are pre-recorded. SuperSummit delivers information conducted live by a professional host with a leading light on the subject. These sessions range from 60-minute live interviews to specifically themed month long virtual conferences that offer live interviews every day.

Live means you can ask questions of the expert in real-time, plus connect with other learners in real-time via chat. If you miss a live interview there is the opportunity to tap into the interview archives when you have the time, and access the missed interview.

SuperSummit will explore a wide range of subjects to enhance viewers’ business and personal lives – with subjects from social media and marketing to table tennis, space and work/life balance and more, plus an event dedicated to small businesses. People with the desire to improve the quality of their lives will find something meaningful to tap into and can join the SuperSummit community. Here is the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge direct from the experts, partake in live Q&A’s, and socialize with fellow learners from around the globe. For users unable to engage with events in real-time, they will have the option to dip into the rapidly growing video archive of +300 hours at their own convenience.

There Is More

And there is more: Far from being simply a content provider, the SuperSummit network will enable businesses and advertisers to host their own distinctive events, which in turn can reap promotional value and together enrich online education. Such partnerships will enable businesses to focus on creating outstanding content as SuperSummit takes care of all of the necessary tech; from the event landing page to streaming, archiving, payment collection, memberships and promotional support – everything a business needs to pay attention to can under SuperSummit’s careful formula. All of this is a welcome advancement from the aloofness of webinars and the lack of interactivity that comes with pre-recorded video courses and the problematic effects of YouTube where finding an audience can be difficult.

The brains behind the SuperSummit educational network is Marco Montemagno, a digital entrepreneur, former Sky News talk show host and vibrant public speaker. Marco spent 12 years interviewing personalities such as Al Gore, Steve Ballmer and Jeff Bezos before millions of Italians every Saturday morning. During his 15 year career as a digital entrepreneur he co-founded Blogosfere, at the time one of Europe’s largest blog networks -- subsequently acquired by Populis - organized many events to highlight the Internet’s benefits to the public, including Social Media Week Italy, and with his keen ability to keep his eye firmly on the ball Montemagno managed to rank third in Italy for table-tennis.

SuperSummit’s Beta model was tested in Italy and having proved profitable from the get-go, Montemagno tested and refined the platform, interviewing some of the worlds best known gurus in the tech and marketing sectors including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brad Feld, Guy Kawasaky and many others. The process amassed strong video content that can be accessed in the archives for free. The SuperSummit expansion is now entering an e-learning market that is projected to reach $107 billion by 2015, according to an investigation reported by Global Industry Analysts (GIA.

According to SuperSummit, the company’s “International launch will be marked by a free five-day online “Presentation SuperSummit” taking place between May 12 -16, 2014. This remarkable virtual conference will bring together a league of world-class experts under one roof; typifying the events we can expect from the network in the future. Each day, users can engage with 2+ hours of live chat between an expert host and an expert in the field of presentation. The ability to present effectively is a vital skill in a both a professional and a broader social context. Whether you need to communicate ideas to a colleagues on a regular basis, sell products or services, represent your company at conferences or if you would just like to represent yourself in a brighter light when socializing or pursuing group-based hobbies, there is much to learn from this world-class event.”

The SuperSummit Vision

Marco Montemagno, SuperSummit Founder & CEO said, "Our vision for SuperSummit from the start was creating a place where anyone could instantly update their skills for free by learning from a league of world-class experts. We believe that education is a human right and shouldn't be the preserve of a privileged few. In our bid to help democratize education, we also felt it vital to open up the platform and enable experts with a passion for sharing knowledge to get involved and organize their own high-quality educational events. We very much look forward to enhancing the business and personal lives of our users and facilitating the passions of talented teachers."

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