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New NetcastStudio show says 'Jack is Back'

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Are you ready?

"24" is back and so is Jack.

The popular television series that began back in 2001 and ran for eight seasons developed what one might call a "cult following" over the years. With Kiefer Sutherland as agent Jack Bauer for the Counter Terrorist Unit, you never knew what was going to take place during the season, which covered a time span of only 24 hours.

NetCast Studio will be producing a weekly podcast during the twelve week run called "24 - Jack Is Back."

Internet radio shows and podcasts covering television shows have been immensely popular and Steve Lee, the founder of NetCast Studio thinks he has the right formula to keep "24" fans entertained.

"People (that) are heavily involved with a TV series can never get enough inside information; what’s next or even what the gossip is on Social Media," explains Lee. " NetCast Studio will be producing a podcast each week."

The show returns May 5, and this time it takes place in London. The podcast will air each week a day or two after the TV show broadcast.

Lee will be joined by fellow NetCast Studio hosts, Debbie and Colleen, to provide recap, insight, theories and thorough discussion with each episode.

With these hosts or anyone else that might join into the fray, expect a lot of entertaining banter and the unexpected. NetCast Studio has a variety of other shows that are released each week covering technology, sports, history, and women's issues.

The recorded podcasts can be found at