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New natural tool to aid those suffering prostate problems

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is the term used to describe the enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is found at the base of a man's penis. It is shaped about like a doughnut and the urethra passes through the "hole" of the doughnut. As a man ages, the prostate grows. Sometimes this growth can accelerate causing abnormal enlargement and almost a "pinching off" of the urethra.

You can imagine this is quite painful for the guy that has to endure the inability to pass urine! He could suffer such symptoms as:

-painful urination

-constant "urge" to urinate

-sleep disturbance from waking multiple times each night

-sexual dysfunction

-bladder stones

-blood in the urine

-and more

As a natural health consultant, I usually suggested that gentlemen experiencing these types of symptoms use things like pumpkin seed, saw palmetto, zinc and more. Those guys would come back with testimonies of great results. However, those great results would take a while to "kick in." I have been scouring the information for something natural that would produce quicker results with no side effects.


There exists a natural compound known as EQUOL. Equol is a plant derived molecule that been clinically shown to REDUCE BPH! Who wouldn't be on board with that?

How does it work?

Equol is a natural substance that binds to an enzyme in the body (5-alpha reductase enzyme). This enzyme converts testosterone into a substance called DHT. It is this DHT that fits into receptors on the prostate gland and causes it to grow. By binding to this enzyme, testosterone does not convert. No conversion means there isn't as much DHT to even try to attach to the prostate gland.

There are medications that do this very thing. HOWEVER, medications carry side effects. These side effects can include:

-Decreased sex drive

-Increased ejaculatory dysfunction (such as a smaller amount of semen ejaculated or ejaculation of semen into the bladder instead of out through the penis)

-Difficulty getting an erection

-Breast tenderness or enlargement

-Weakness or fatigue

-Lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting


-Nasal congestion

Clinical studies show equol produces no known side effects. As of right now, I only know of one company that sells equol supplments, and they have a patent pending.

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