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New music with brains

"No $ For Love" by Niko Marks
"No $ For Love" by Niko Marks
E. Orr Jr.

Today in the industry of music there is quite a wide variety of artists and music to choose from. As a matter of fact it seems that names for different genres keep growing and growing. However, one can find themselves emerged for weeks trying to find good music within the pool of sound. Once you've plowed through the weeds, so to speak, every now and then you come across something that not only sounds very interesting, but is also very interesting in the way that it reads via title and lyrically. Juan Atkins, "Godfather" of Detroit's coined techno music explosion, is one of those artist who makes music with brains. And for the lay person, that means music that makes absolute sense. More established artist such as Stevie Wonder, Niko Marks, Eddie Fowlkes, Auxx 88, Larry Heard and Amp Fiddler also fit into this line up of artist who create music and lyrics that make perfect since and can engage listeners from young to old. Of course there are others, but this week we will shine the spotlight on an album by Niko Marks entitled, "No $ For Love" which is full of great lyrics, a dose of funk, chill out and high energy dance music. Very engaging from start to finish and is sure to motivate the listener into a positive vibration both mentally and physically! Get a free preview of the songs on:  You can also visit: