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New music preview September 4

Matchbox Twenty - North

New music Tuesday September 4, New Music Blog

North represents Matchbox Twenty's first studio album since 2002's More Than You Think You Are. In the interim, the band released a greatest hits album in 2007 (Exile on Mainstream) and frontman Rob Thomas left to work on solo projects. North provides a return to the same pop rock rhythms and lyrics that made Matchbox Twenty a household name in the early 2000's. Their greater times are behind them, but North has the sound of a successful album. Pre-order on iTunes in Deluxe or Standard versions.

T.I. - Trouble Man

Rapper T.I. was set to release his new album on September 4, but issued a statement earlier this month pushing back the release date indefinitely. T.I. claims to have recorded over one hundred songs for the new album, which he narrowed down to eighty-six. Being the perfectionist he is, T.I. did not want to be backed into a corner by a release date and wants to perfect the album before releasing to the public.

Given the mediocre at best reception of his most recent single, the lead-off from the upcoming album, the Dallas Local Music Examiner believes the delay has more to do with retooling a record that T.I. realized would not cut it in today's market. Time shall tell. Check back here often for updates on the new release date. Do not hold your breath.

Sondre Lerche - Bootlegs

Sondre Lerche is a Norwegian born musician who got his start at the age of sixteen. He is heavily influenced by 80's popular musicians the Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, and A-ha. His debut album dropped in 2001. Since then, Lerche has received critical praise and moderate popularity with his varying styles of music. Most albums will provide a mix of pop rock and slow, melodic tunes. Bootlegs is Lerche's first live album, featuring performances from recent shows.

Chances are, many people have not heard of Sondre Lerche. The Dallas Local Music Examiner tries to include at least one little-known artist in each New Music Tuesday preview. His sound is a little different, but should serve as a nice break from Top Forty radio replays.

Melissa Etheridge - 4th Street Feeling

4th Street Feeling, named after the main drag in Melissa's hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas, marks her first studio album since 2010's Fearless Love. After battling through a major breakup, beating breast cancer, and finding love again, this album finds Etheridge pumping out more of her classic folk-pop sound. Etheridge has struggled to meet the same level of success that 1993's coming out album, Yes I Am reached, but early buzz on the new album is promising.

4th Street Feeling comes in a Deluxe and Standard edition. Listen to the album in its entirety before it drops on Tuesday HERE.

That wraps another New Music Tuesday preview. Many more albums are dropping on the 4th, but these are the 4 the Dallas Local Music Examiner thinks will have the biggest impact. Check back next Saturday for a new preview article as well as throughout the week for all the latest music news. Make sure to check out Matchbox Twenty's video for the debut single, She's So Mean, from their upcoming album to the left of this article.

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