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New music for the new year

Luisa Maita
Luisa Maita


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    great stuff

  • saad 5 years ago

    true history

  • edgar mcnamounihan 5 years ago

    I actually went to see Luisa Maita live last year and I was blown away by her.

  • j. collins 5 years ago

    it sounds good but they're can't even begin to touch the old stuff.
    I don't mean to disrespect them, I'm just saying they're good, but not great.

  • michelle alvarez 5 years ago

    bueno bueno bueno!
    i'm happier today 'cause of luisa maita

  • katherine c. o. 5 years ago

    damn fine indeed

  • m. allaiz 5 years ago

    well, that's relatively new.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    in my opinion, bossa nova and brazilian original tunes shouldn't go along with electronic music.
    i gave it a listen, you know, but it just doesn't match.
    tulipa, on the other hand, was the nicest surprise so far. hope she comes soon, she's ny material, for sure.
    i wasn't really impressed by the others but i'd like to see them live, anyways.
    tks, keep writing

  • gio brunner 5 years ago

    i liked them

  • laurie b. johnston 5 years ago

    kudos on this one,

  • Thais Navarro 5 years ago

    i believe this four musicians/bands will domain the world, soon as possible.

    sure bets in this new year. i'm happy to see this names here.


    e se o ingrêis tive errado, perdoa eu!

  • moses w. 5 years ago


  • juliet kf 5 years ago

    no match for some brazilian stuff i know.
    dig deeper

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