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New music for the new year

Luisa Maita
Luisa Maita

After a snow-free Christmas in the City, the new year was welcomed by major blizzards.
And though the weather may be cold, throughout this white winter is now time to see what 2011 promises, music-wise, and it will melt it all down. Last year a whole bunch of new artists - well, at least new to the mainstream media - blossomed into full on acts who deserve both eyes and both ears on them. Among many outstanding bands, singers and songwriters, a small dream team of the new era presented itself, quite unexpected and unplanned, true, but still carrying a giant bucket of awesomeness.

Spring comes next and it shall be a warm home for Tulipa Ruiz . Her 2010 full-length debut Efemera holds a high position  on the critics' regards and she's been shaking things around back in Brazil. MPB is being more and more well represented and Ruiz is the cherry on top of the sundae. Besides singing and writing her own music, she's also a graphic artist and claims lullabies are one of her key interests. Make no mistake, though, her work is anything but drowsy.

Still on the ladies' side, up and comer Luisa Maita is also one to watch. Her mix of Bossa Nova and Electronic music sips a few drops of Pop as it grows better and better. Luisa's first album, Lero-Lero, serves a complete meal of acoustic Brazilian rhythms decorated with beats all over them. It's, to say the least, very impressive. She brought her groove to these lands last year so she might pay us a visit yet again. Hopefully sooner than later.

Moving on to the regular ensemble structure, there's Fino Coletivo, a group from Rio de Janeiro who is very precise when it comes to choosing notes. It's crystal clear how much thought and good taste they've put on their songs. They have been out and about for the past five years, being granted some awards in 2007. Still, Fino's as good to go now as any other year, climbing up to sheer greatness.

Last but no least, comes Curumin, a.k.a. Luciano Nakata Albuquerque. Curumin is a 34 year old multi-instrumentalist ( though mainly a drummer) who plays around with his favorite toys: samba, soul, dub and everything that can make your bones move. Besides being in command of the drum set, he's also the lead singer for his project. They've launched 2 albums so far, 2005's Achados e Perdidos and 2008's Japan Pop Show. He might be cooking something up for now and he has set the bar high, no doubt he'll keep it that way.

These are only few examples of the many great artists rising up this year so keep an eye and an online search engine open, don't miss out on the good stuff. No matter which season we're in, this year is going to be hot in music.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    great stuff

  • saad 4 years ago

    true history

  • edgar mcnamounihan 4 years ago

    I actually went to see Luisa Maita live last year and I was blown away by her.

  • j. collins 4 years ago

    it sounds good but they're can't even begin to touch the old stuff.
    I don't mean to disrespect them, I'm just saying they're good, but not great.

  • michelle alvarez 4 years ago

    bueno bueno bueno!
    i'm happier today 'cause of luisa maita

  • katherine c. o. 4 years ago

    damn fine indeed

  • m. allaiz 4 years ago

    well, that's relatively new.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    in my opinion, bossa nova and brazilian original tunes shouldn't go along with electronic music.
    i gave it a listen, you know, but it just doesn't match.
    tulipa, on the other hand, was the nicest surprise so far. hope she comes soon, she's ny material, for sure.
    i wasn't really impressed by the others but i'd like to see them live, anyways.
    tks, keep writing

  • gio brunner 4 years ago

    i liked them

  • laurie b. johnston 4 years ago

    kudos on this one,

  • Thais Navarro 4 years ago

    i believe this four musicians/bands will domain the world, soon as possible.

    sure bets in this new year. i'm happy to see this names here.


    e se o ingrêis tive errado, perdoa eu!

  • moses w. 4 years ago


  • juliet kf 4 years ago

    no match for some brazilian stuff i know.
    dig deeper

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