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New museum in town dedicated to human animal bond

There’s a new museum in town! The National Museum of Animals and Society (NMAS) opened January 10th and is the first museum exclusively dedicated to enriching the lives of humans and animals by exploring our shared experience. The museum’s mission is to promote respect for life and compassionate ethics in advancing healthy, meaningful interconnections with the animal world.

The museum offers several features including artifacts that highlight the human animal bond and document the moral and ethical progression of animal welfare in modern society. A specific focus is the documentation of the ever-evolving animal protection movement. NMAS is quickly becoming a storehouse for archives and artifacts of the domestic and foreign Animal Protection Movement. This includes artifacts from the United Kingdom’s Animal Welfare and anti-vivisection movements and more recently, the soon to be extinct laying hen battery cages.

As a national museum, NMAS has a strong education focus. The museum strongly promotes public education on the human animal bond, animal welfare and humane treatment of animals. It has ongoing programs that promote animal welfare and humane treatment of animals for grades 1-8. Their outreach programs encompass topics that range from tracing human interactions with animals from prehistoric times to the present, the Animal Protection movement and presentations that will stimulate students to think creatively about careers with animals.

Animal lovers alike will delight in a museum that celebrates not only the human-animal bond but also functions as an educational tool to document the progression of the Animal Protection Movement. In the years to come, the museum will most likely become a valuable asset to the animal welfare community.

The museum may be visited from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm. It is located at 4302 Melrose Avenue. Los Angeles, California. 90029.

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