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New multiplatform Sonic title coming in 2015.

Expect something new and blue next year.
Expect something new and blue next year.

A lukewarm reception for their latest effort - Sonic Lost World - apparently hasn't discouraged Sega from its plans to move ahead with future games, at least according to official literature featured at the Nuremberg Toy Fair; Along with the two hedgehog-centric titles released in 2013, a Sega promotional standee listed a "New 2015 title TBA" (first reported and circulated by SpinDash) to be released on the Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Sega made an announcement concerning a trio of Nintendo-exclusive Sonic titles last year, and with Lost World and the new Mario & Sonic Olympic games accounted for here it begs the question of what became of the third. Is this mysterious new multiplatform title the same one alluded to before or something new entirely?