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New movie 'Persecuted' offers free tickets for pastors

Arriving in theaters July 18, the new movie, Persecuted, is offering free tickets to pastors across the nation. In an apparent attempt to get Christians to watch the movie, up to two free tickets will be sent to any pastor who registers on the website.

Persecuted: the future of America?
Persecuted the movie

Persecuted is about evangelist John Luther's stand against the rising political persecution of religion in a future America. The movie includes known actors such as James Remar, Bruce Davison, and Fred Thompson. And also includes various Christian actors and personalities.

The Daniel Lusko film has been remade into a book by the same title, authored by Robin Parrish. The movie preview shows intense scenes in line with the typical political thrillers of the past. The movie website also includes a blog with the latest updates of various persecutions around the world.

Interestingly, the director, Lusko, explained an important theme in the movie as represented between John Luther (Remar) and his Roman Catholic father (Thompson):

"The father-son relationship, Lusko told me, 'represented the schism between the Catholic and the evangelical church.' Lusko added that 'under persecution,' these denominational differences disappear, as with the evangelical son and his Catholic father."

The movie will be in theaters July 18. And, Lord willing, a review will shortly follow.

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