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New movie 'Noah': Did Hollywood miss the Biblical mark?

"Noah" is a Biblical based movie accounting the courage and inspiration of one man credited for saving the human race in the Bible's Old Testament. The new movie, starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky, is already making headlines as one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.

"Noah" -- Google Images
"Noah" -- Google Images

Watch Video above The Story of Noah's Ark in the Old Testament.

It's no surprise Hollywood has declared 2014 as 'The year of the Bible", with a goal of tapping into the buying power of the faith based shopper. However, some Christian consumers are concerned that the entertainment capital will deviate too far from the Biblical accounts in their movies.

Faith Driven Consumer, an organization guided by the needs of the Christian purchaser, claims that "Noah" could face commercial challenges. According to a new online survey released, 98% of faith driven consumers indicate their entertainment needs are not satisfied with the pending blockbuster.

Click to watch the official "Noah" movie trailer.

"Faith Driven Consumers are eager to channel their formidable purchasing power toward entertainment choices that resonate with their values, and are keenly interested in the Bible-themed films that Hollywood studios are offering this year. As such, movie makers are positioned to realize large profits if they are successful in connecting with Faith Driven Consumers," said Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer. "However, our online survey finds that Paramount's upcoming Noah film -- widely reported to stray significantly from the core biblical message of the actual story - is going to face serious challenges resonating with Faith Driven Consumers, which could hurt the film's bottom line."

According to the Christian Post there are at least 10 major movie productions based on biblical figures and accounts potentially headed for the big screen this year; "Moses", "Mary Mother of Christ" and "Pontius Pilate" starring Brad Pitt just to name a few.

"Noah" is set to release in movie theaters March 28.

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