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New morning

              Being self-conscious is something that can't be hidden or so it seems.  Either we try to avoid showing we are shy or we just can't seem to escape the magnitude we feel of the anxiety that comes over us.  Especially when that anxiety sinks in from the awareness of a new day.  And so in the morning, a force overtakes or diminishes the joy.

Morning calls for a different perspective.  The word 'morning' as in the new day, sounds like mourning.  Have you seen the analogy?  Mourning also sounds like morning but without the 'U', or YOU, mind you.  Get it? So what was like mourning, is now the morning, and the "mourning" does not need have the you or 'U' in it.  Mourning has become morning and YOU are not in the mourning.  Get it?

This new day deserves praise for someone else besides you although you are important too.  Yet in order for you to get your self going it is for you to get others and their selves being up to par as well.  Some people just have their own problems.  It is not always as if they are focused on yours and somehow you see them visually looking down on you.  That is just not the case.

Do face the world with such animosity in your eyes and not theirs having to see what you are doing all the time.  Though it is always the case that some eye will be cast upon you, somewhere, somehow.  Just leave it a blessing that no one can live that life as you do and can give wholesome love to those others even when "no one else" may be looking.