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New Moon in Virgo: A tabula rasa

Hi, Everyone,

The week kicks off with a powerful New moon in the practical earth sign of Virgo. The new moon occurs on August 25, 2014 at 10:13 AM EDT at 2 degrees of Virgo. This new moon is significant because it concurs with the Saturn/Mars conjunction in Scorpio.

The new moon is always a good time for writing down intentions, beginning new projects, and planting new seeds. The sign of Virgo rules health, daily habits, and routines; therefore, this is an especially good moon for ending unhealthy patterns and embarking on a new health regimen. Virgo is the sign of work. If you have recently been stuck or floundering with the Saturn/Mars buildup in the past couple of weeks, you will find that now is a good time to get focused and to get real.

Saturn and Mars team up together every two years. The two malefics join forces at 3:30 pm EDT at 17 degrees of Scorpio. This is a tough combination, however it is also highly powerful and transformative. Mars is the planet of action. Saturn is the planet of structure and responsibility. I have noticed many clients have felt stymied and angry by recent situations in relationships and work matters. Saturn is restrictive, so it can feel like you have no life force to take action with Mars.

The good news is that today marks a new two year cycle, which beckons each of us to face karma and accountability in actions and decisions. it is time to move and pay it forward. if you are not happy with your current path, now is the time to organize your efforts towards your goals. Instead of choosing to see things as the victim of your circumstances, see yourself as co-creating this new two year cycle. Be strategic and weigh your decisions carefully.

Today's new moon in Virgo is a tabula rasa, and it is a time to write down intentions to manifest new beginnings. It is a great time to do the Law of Abundance. Here are the instructions for LOA for August 25, 2014.

Take a blank check and date it for the date of the new moon, August 25, 2014. Print out your name where it says, "Pay to the order of", and then leave the small numeric box blank. On the next line, print, "PAID IN FULL," and at the bottom where you normally sign your name, print "THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE. " I wish you much luck and happiness. -- Tisch

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