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New Moon's Taylor Lautner prepping solo album

Extra! Extra! Hot teen "actor" shouldn't be on the cover of Rolling Stone!!
Extra! Extra! Hot teen "actor" shouldn't be on the cover of Rolling Stone!!
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No, he isn't.  Know why?

Taylor Lautner does not make music.

Taylor Lautner is an actor in a dumb movie.

So why is Taylor Lautner on the cover of this December's Rolling Stone Magaine?

Here's why:

  • Premise 1: Twilight-related stuff makes teens/mentally deficient adults salivate and take out their wallets to buy whatever it is that's attached to it.
  • Premise 2: Rolling Stone is going the way of MTV, in the sense that it cares more about celebs and advertisements than anything music-related.  They're also greedy.
  • Conclusion: Rolling Stone will put any dumb thing on the cover of their crappy magazine in order to sell more copies, including Taylor Lautner.

What's the deal, Rolling Stone?  It's not like music isn't really really popular.  It's not like their aren't enough other movie magazines, gossip rags, teen zines, t-shirts, posters, trailers, websites, coffee mugs and Burger King ads for us to get our fill of Twilight (technically New Moon) related garbage. It's time for Jann Wenner to dust off the old RS mission statement, hopefully there's a shred of dignity stapled to it that can be somehow reconstituted.  

Of course, it's still worth reading Rolling Stone for the occasional new Hunter S. Thompson piece...Oh wait, he's dead.


  • Beckster 5 years ago

    Nice one! I was already pretty sure Rolling Stone had taken a shortcut down the low road to hollywood-crapville a while back, but this article really sealed the deal for me.
    And I will forever refuse to read/see/talk about Twilight. Glad to know I'm not alone in this battle!
    Thank you, Mylo!

  • Alice 4 years ago

    Well. At least he's hot. ;)