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New Moon Review

Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
New Moon

Twilight fans are going to LOVE New Moon. People who do not even normally read the Twilight books, are going to LOVE this movie! It is passionate, action packed, and leaves you thirsty for more.

The Twilight movie was not near as good as this one. This is a lot more true to the book. The Twilight film was so condensed, a lot of the story was lost, New Moon carries the story very well. It holds a lot of what Twilight fans love about Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob you will absolutely love this film.

The wolves seemed a bit mechanical and that was the weakest part of the film, but the setting and the effects were great! 

Bella has a hard time deciding what to do being sandwiched between the two of them.

Dakota Fanning's part was very small in the film, but she was very evil and sinister as she used her gift of pain.

Kristen Stewart did a great job in this movie. She captured Bella's character in the book. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were amazingly compelling. Pattinson was much better in this film than he was in Twilight. Lautner played a much large part in his all grown up self. His character definitely offered Bella a lot more in this film.

The Voluturi's castle was exquisite. As a vampire's castle should be. Aro and the rest of his family did an excellent portrayal of the largest, most powerful, 3000 year old clan.

The movie started with Bella having a nightmare about becoming an old lady while leaving  17-year-old Edward in his beauty.

The ending literally leaves you with a gasp.