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New Moon in Pisces March 2014

A new moon will occur on March 1 at 2:59AM Eastern Time at 10 deg of Pisces. The time around a new moon is usually a time of new beginnings and being in Pisces (which is the sign relating to our emotions, dreams, idealism, illusions, and spirituality) this is a good time to center yourself or go inside yourself to get clarity and a new perspective in your life. Meditation or some other activity that allows you to think and contemplate in private would be good at this time. This could be especially powerful if it aspects something in your chart, and this would also indicate where you will get clarity and a new perspective in your life.
When looking at the astrology chart for Detroit Michigan using the February 1, 1802 charter date the new moon will be in opposition to Progressed Saturn, Progressed South Node, and Conjoined the North Node. What that means is that this is a time to initiate new programs around restructuring (Saturn) the City Of Detroit, and that help the City to move forward (North Node). Also, the City needs to take responsibility for the past mistakes (South Node). Right now the City of Detroit is going through a restructuring, reorganization, and dealing with legal issues around how to deal with the dept, and the new Mayor has instituted programs to deal with the infrastructure problems within the City of Detroit. This is a good time to plant the seeds to deal with these issues; however, only time will tell if we will benefit from these programs, and the Mayor will be able to keep the promises he is making.

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