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New Moon Meet the Volturi's with video

New Moon is a blink away. Their life source is blood. Their world is Volterra, Italy. They have been in existence for 3000 years. They are the most feared,royal, most influential vampire coven. They are not like Edward. They love to devour flesh. They are always looking for their next meal and they don't care what they have to do to get it. 


The Volturi's have ruled the vampire world for centuries. Carlisle's family is powerful as well. Vegetarian vs. blood thirsty varmints. 

Volturi coven was founded by Aro and he demands loyalty. He is known for killing secretly killing his family member, Didyme because she wanted to leave the coven. Aro has the gift of tactile telepathy meaning he can capture people's thoughts with just a touch.  He is able to know any thought a person has ever had. He ruled the coven with Caius and Marcus, Didyme's love. 

At one time, Carlisle Cullen, did live with Aro's coven and he was liked. He refused to become a blood-sucking vampire and left.

Caius was born in 1000 B.C. He married Athenodora. He became violently angry toward werewolves when he was almost killed in a fight with them. His life was dedicated to taking out the species. He not only tried to exterminate werewolves, but was involved with the extinction of Immortal children. 

Marcus has the amazing ability to recognize relationships. Just by watching, he can see who is involved with you, who is a leader and who is strongly devoted to another. He is very powerful in the clan.

Alec is one of the highest ranked guards in the family. Jane is his twin sister. Alec has the ability to cut off people's senses. He can cause blindness, deafness, or shut off all feeling.

His sister, Jane, played by Dakota Fanning in the film,  is pretty sadistic and evil. She  has a very powerful gift also. She loves to inflict pain on to anyone with power. She has the incredible ability to focus in and create an illusion of intensive pain.  Aro found the pair and he was forced to change them into vampires young, when humans tried to burn them at the stake for possible witchcraft.

Demetri is known for his tracking abilities. He is able to zoom in on people's thoughts and follow them.

Felix is thought of as very large and is a guard for the family. He is not known for having any gifts.