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New Moon Horoscope February 28 to March 6, 2014

This week holds the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday March 1st. Every New Moon may be seen as a time to focus upon a new direction and take initiative. This particular New Moon is closely trine Jupiter in Cancer. This may be interpreted as indicating a very positive supportive current. Our personal feelings about developing security for ourselves and families encourages the new creative initiative. Here during the culmination of the Age of Pisces we are offered a New Moon when we gain may gain greater security and comfort by letting down boundaries. Contrary to prevailing trends, it is by being a part of a greater community or family that we may build up our personal resources. A brief reflection upon the Pacific Northwest First Nations economic system illustrates the character of this New Moon. For hundreds of years before it was destroyed by the European settlers these tribes practiced a successful economy that distributed resources through giving them away. The most wealthy and influential families were those who gave the most away .

Mercury has just turned from being in a retrograde period to resuming direct motion. We are still going over old ground with our thinking and focus, but we may begin to make solid progress as our attention is oriented to the future. This is a potentially significant weekend for getting a special project underway. Creative and business ideas that had stalled can be resurrected now to achieve a positive result. Think big and connect to the bigger environment of big business, media, and the world wide web.

Make private time with trusted family and loved ones this weekend. You need the environment where you feel safe and emotionally secure. Your goal is to deeply relax and let down all defences and pretence. You are touching base with your inner purpose, beliefs, and spirituality. This week you may want to ride on your positive reputation in order to free yourself up this week. There are relationship matters to attend to. Even in your career your communication skills become more important.

This weekend you link up with people with whom you share beliefs and perspective. Create an intention about what you want to do and with whom you want to do it. You are choosing your tribe, so make sure you are respected and having fun. Through the work week do not get too serious with people. Strike a balance between getting things done and enjoying your own and others’ company. There is a shift as some urgency and stress fall away. Let yourself feel better.

This is about career initiatives and enhancing income. What you do for your job, family, your outward activities in your community are up to you. Do you let your culture, family, or personal history define your social role or do you control what you take on in the world? With this New Moon you can guide your career to be more what you want to do. Look for adjustments that you can make to have more money, too. Be cautious with finances and business practices this week because there is no encouragement to take unnecessary risks.

Look to this weekend to hold confidence and happiness. There is an emphasis upon whatever is going right for you. You are provided with a long range perspective on your own life and this perspective shows that you have potential. You may take initiatives to expand your horizons through learning or travel. Make plans for a bigger life. This week be mellow with family. It is hard enough to change yourself, but you cannot change others.

This weekend is a private time. You are engaged in assessing your personal power and resources. It is as though you are preparing to change your life in many ways. Consolidate and confirm the viability of your business interests. The day will come when you will be selling or passing the torch on to others. This week is no time to cover-up a work screw-up. Be scrupulous and conscientious.

This weekend you may blend into your primary relationships and find inspiration. Friendships contribute, too, to boosting your mood and sense of well being. Find time for sincere communication with people with whom you are close to make joint plans and define intentions that you may share. Keep the money in your pocket this week. See if someone who relies upon you can wait a few days and watch them fend for themselves.

This weekend brings inspiration about how to better look after yourself and how to work more effectively. This is not about working harder; it is about working smarter. Gage what aspects of your career you want to promote, because you will receive positive feedback, and you want to be more busy doing something that you enjoy. This week be more mellow and accommodating with family members. Family relationships are long range projects.

This weekend, welcome the feeling of participating in a greater plan. Your creative talents are being energized with spiritual inspiration and a vision for a better future. You are being asked to believe in yourself. Get started on a creative expression that has been incubating within you. Be careful with your words this week, because while focused on other things, you may be misunderstood. Others will think you agreed to something that you do not even know about.

This weekend is for consolidating your personal power and security. Take time for some personal archaeology and look through old notes and records. Communicate with family to remind yourself from where you have come. It is from a secure sense of self that you will link to your creative inspiration. Maintain boundaries between your personal life and lighter social contacts. Allow others to earn your trust.

This weekend enjoy the opportunity for deep and meaningful communication with others who matter in your life. Create some intentions about connecting your ideas to media or the internet. You are developing ways to express yourself. Your ideas may have mas appeal, but how will the masses become aware of them? Attend to career irritations this week as challenges happen. Do not cover up concerns, because these become hidden landmines for future detonation.

Opportunities at work and for health improvement are present and need some initiative from you to be realized. Have an inspired look at how you might improve your income, cash flow, and physical well being. An opportunity this week that presents as having an ethical or moral snag is not an opportunity. Good things are flowing to you, but be vigilantly discriminating to filter out that which is not for you.

This weekend your world explodes into an opportunity as you receive spiritual inspiration. Rich potential avenues open for your creative expression. Get more than one project underway because you are setting out upon pathways that will carry you into next year. This week maintain control over your finances, credit, and personal boundaries. Be wary of the charming but untrustworthy social contact. Remember to copyright new ideas.

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