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New Moon DVD release

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for.... The release of the New Moon movie to DVD!

There's a New Moon rising!

Run; don't walk, to the midnight showing at your local Borders!  Party starts at 10:00pm on Friday, March 19th.  Yes, you will be amongst a lot of screaming and giddy teenagers, but sometimes reliving your youth is a good thing!

This is a perfect girls night out.  Grab your friends, stop for dinner before at Chickie and Pete's or Sakura, and then to Borders in Mays Landing for a chick flick concert.  This is an opportunity for all friends, Team Edward and Team Jacob fans alike, to come together to ooh and ah as one!  Let's face it, the debate over the two Twilight Saga hunks has sparked many a conversation in person as well as on social networks like Facebook

The Twilight phenomenon has reached across generations of females making even the most sullen teenager conversational with their also smitten mothers!  It's actually gotten young girls to read, young mother's to sneak in a chapter between diaper changes, and busy working women to find the time to snuggle with a good book!

Say what you will, but even if you are not a Twilight Saga fan, the frenzy is downright fun! Don't miss out on this opportunity to bond with friends and other females alike.  Grab the books and read them!  You're sure to be hooked within the first ten pages.  If you just can't muster the strength to get through these rather heavy books, then cheat!  Twilight is already on DVD and New Moon breaks out tomorrow. 

You won't have to wait long for Eclipse to premiere either!  Right around the corner on June 30th Eclipse will be in theaters for their much-anticipated midnight showing.  There's still time to catch up and get caught in the excitement! 

Watching with fans and friends is half of the fun of this saga.  Stop and find the time to join in.  Pick a team hunk, or stay neutral, either way you're sure to be entertained by not only the movie, but by the fans as well!

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