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New Moon in Cancer July 2013

A new moon will occur on July 8 at 3:14AM Eastern Time at 16 deg of Cancer. The time around a new moon is usually a time of new beginnings and being in Cancer (which is the sign relating to family) this is a good time to be creative and begin new projects around the family. If this aspects something in your chart this could this could indicate where to begin new projects in your life.
When looking at the astrology chart for Detroit Michigan using the February 1, 1802 charter date the full moon will Quincunx Progressed Chiron and Natal Mercury. What that means is that there will be difficulty around communications (Mercury) with the various factions within the City Of Detroit especially around what needs to be done to take care (Chiron) of the city. We see this with the emergency manager trying to deal with the city creditors to balance the budget.


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