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New Moon In Aries March 2014

On Sunday March 30 at 2:46PM Eastern Time a new moon will occur at 9 deg Aries. The time around a new moon is usually a time of new beginnings and being in Aries (which is the sign of new beginnings, creative energy, and enthusiasm) this is a good time to start new projects, and being the beginning of spring this is a good time to plant seeds for the future whatever the endeavor may be. This could be especially powerful if it aspects something in your chart.
When looking at the astrology chart for Detroit Michigan using the February 1, 1802 charter date the new moon will Quincunx Progressed Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Under these influences we see difficulties with the leadership (identity) of the city, the communications to people of the city, and with the city infrastructure. Since Mike Duggan took office as the mayor of Detroit there was a lot of excitement that he would be able to fixed the problems within the city; however, there are a still many problems that need to be overcome before the residents will be happy with the city. We can see in the news that we still have persistent problems with persistent crime, illegal trash dumping, scrappers stealing metals from buildings, and problems with the city water department. These problems will take time, but is it going to be in time to the satisfaction of the citizens of Detroit?

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