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NEW MOON in AQUARIUS Super Moon January 30th 2014

The Super Moon January 30, 2014
The Super Moon January 30, 2014

Many of us have been feeling that a rebirth is just around the corner…and I am not just talking about praying for Spring during this snowy winter!

The fact is that…the energy IS finally moving forward!

This second New Moon in January is a SUPER New Moon in Aquarius, along with the Year of the Horse and Venus finally going direct.

You may not know what that means but breathe easy…we are getting a break, a breath and energetic space to spread our wings!

January’s earlier New Moon in Capricorn taught us about stepping up, connecting to our devoted warrior and owning our power. This New Moon in the sign of Aquarius is all air, flight, vision, humanity and EXPANSION.

We are ready to share our visions and our unique talents with the world. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and carries energy of the BIG PICTURE.

We may have been doing tons of healing, crying, releasing and just plain being patient with the limbo we found ourselves in late last year…now we are emerging and it’s all about bringing in the NEW.

Take a chance on a NEW venture. OPEN your heart to LOVE.

Be brave and share your secret dreams with kindred spirits…you may find they are willing to support make your dream a reality!

Aquarius shifts us from “Me” to the “We,” how are we showing up, no matter what is going with us individually, for the rest of the community?

A New Moon ushers in new beginnings and seeding intentions.

The Super New Moon means that the moon is in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth. The Moon is also closest to the Earth during this time accentuating it’s power and strength.

The New Year of the Horse is ALL about movement, action, energy, travel and GIDDY UPPP!!!! Tortoises better hold on to the horse's tail because you will be brought up to speed somehow in some area of your life…in a good way

Even if you think this is pure hogwash, take a moment
and ask yourself,
“ What do I really BELIEVE in that I want to share with others? What do I stand by and how can I support community with the way I perceive this cause/experience/topic or subject? Where have I been hiding and keeping myself small?"

Then let her RIP! Go forth and follow the beat of your own drum! It’s a great time to OWN your uniqueness and ROCK your vision!

Time to kick up or heels and HIT THE ROAD of our evolving new REALITY

Sending love,
~vcc 1/30/14

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