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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Afternoon in the Meadow
Afternoon in the Meadow
Catherine Al-Meten

As the week begins the Sun is at 7/15 Taurus, the Moon is at 16/29 Aries, and Venus 23/50 Pisces. Venus will change signs this week. Mercury is at 8/57 Taurus, Mars 12/19 Libra retrograde, and Jupiter is at 14/28 Cancer. Saturn is retrograde at 20/59 Scorpio, and Uranus is at 13/53 Aries, still in the degree of the Grand Cardinal Cross (still bringing news and unexpected experiences to us).

Neptune is at 7/5 Pisces making us evermore aware of inner turmoil as well as dreams and desires.
Pluto is at 13/32 Capricorn in retrograde. We're still going over territory that we may have thought was over. Be prepared to bleed a little more if we haven't yet made the changes that are needed. Be patient, and notice what may be yours to change, and what is simply a reaction to the changes you have already made. We have to live with the aftermath of our choices, and that often means we have to walk away or disengage with those who are not happy with our changes.

The North Node is at 28/24 Libra, the point in our lives where we are seeing the greatest changes.
Chiron is at 16/29 Pisces, and indicates much of our healing is unconscious and happening on an intuitive level. Important to pay attention to dreams, intuition, insight, and anwers to prayers.

The big story this week is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 29, 201 at 2:14 EDT/11:14 PM PDT. This Taurus New Moon is also a Solar eclipse Sun at 9 degrees Taurus.This is the end of a very long, active, and transformative month.

Sunday. Moon in Aries, just past midnight on Sunday, opposes Mars in Libra, and then near sunrise, it squares Pluto, conjuncts Uranus, and the sextiles Neptune-all before your first cup of tea. For the rest of Sunday, the Moon’s influence will be felt as she makes a square to Jupiter. Mercury semi-squares Venus around 4:45 A.M. PDT. All these aspects occur while we sleep in the West, so dreams and sleep patterns may be where you most notice this emotional edginess. It may also be when some of our dreams may hold signs and symbols that nudge us into paying attention to what we need to take care of or what is calling for closer attention. Later in the day there are a couple of minor aspects of the Moon in Aries to Saturn and then Neptune. The Moon’s influence tends to awaken us emotionally, and when transits and aspects occur with the Moon, we operate out of our moods, emotional needs and wounds, and generally feel and sense more than we think or discern. Our feelings and moods, however, are not frivolous incidentals-emotions are signals that remind us what really matters to us and what needs attending. Whatever wasn't holding together or was simply a compromise not an adequate answer regarding relationships and intimate connections, now meets the test and hopefully, our ability to recognize what has already ended, will allow the release to be less disruptive, painful, or surprising.

The Moon in Aries comes at the end of the Lunar month, and just before the New Moon in Taurus. Sunday and Monday are days when whatever comes to the surface emotionally, signals to us where we are still struggling with those issues that call us to change and transform. The Moon’s aspects to the major planets (Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune) jolts us with reminders of what it is that holds us back, what it is that pushes our buttons, and what it is that threatens our sense of newfound freedom, independence, and security.

Also early this morning, the Sun in Taurus formed a sextile to Neptune, filtering down into our subconscious, into our dreams, and into the areas of our being where the shadow aspects of ourselves are in need of integration and greater balance. The Sun in Taurus grounds and centers us in the physicality of our lives as well as in discovering our spiritual fulfillment and challenges within our daily lives, relationships, and works. That which challenges us, calls us to discover a deeper expression and understanding of Divine Love. That which triggers hate, animosity, or fear, shows us where we need to learn that forgiveness is a channel to open us to greater Love. The Sun in Taurus opens us to greater awareness of what we seek to discover, understand, and create. It also reminds us of how precious we are in the heart of the Creator. Challenges, threats, and the “slings and arrows” sent our way, are opportunities for us to practice surrender to the Divine as the way to shield and protect us.

When we hold on with only ego needs and individual will, we suffer more than we need to. We need a healthy ego and a respect for ourselves, however, if we think we are in charge of the outcome, consequences, and manner in which our actions and thoughts manifest and affect others, we are missing the boat. Take the necessary steps for maintaining clear and safe boundaries, and then remember, the lesson does not end with your decisions. When we ground our behavior in our own ethical code (3rd Chakra, safety issues), that is step one. Know yourself. From then on, knowing ourselves means doing what is needed to keep on turning to that inner truth, and trusting your intuition, experiences, and reasoning powers. Discernment is about constantly using these sources of personal power to help us determine how to deal with ongoing conflicts, challenges, and obstacles. Understanding, enlightenment, and knowledge does not bar you from ever having conflicts; rather they remind you to turn to your inner truth and the faith and trust in both your own understanding and the understanding of Universal Truth.

The Sun in Taurus helps us get out of our heads and the gut-wrenching emotional upsets that bind us to fear and anger, and to channel our energy into doing good, serving others, and creating something beautiful out of the mud. Use the energy that rises up through the emotional and subconscious release to build, create, shape, dream up, and form new life. For those who have experienced a great loss ever in your life, you may remember the stage of anger that comes at some point in the process of grieving and mourning our losses. This is such a time collectively, and it is incumbent upon each of us to use this energy wisely, safely, and with good intentions. Choose life and love as your partners. Find something of beauty in the worst situations and people. Practice forgiveness so you free yourself from the chains of that which binds you to hate, fear, frustration, and despair. One of my favorite metaphysical writers, Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote a powerful prayer to use for a practice of forgiveness. Use it or write your own prayer or meditation, and use it regularly. It helps in turning over that which you are still attached to. From Murphy’s book, The Power of the Subconscious Mind:

“I fully and freely forgive (mention the name of the offender) I release him spiritually and mentally. I completely forgive everything connected with the matter in question. I am free and he/she is free. It is a marvelous feeling. It is a day of general amnesty. I release anybody and everybody who has ever hurt me, and I wish for each and every one health, happiness, peace and the blessings of life. I do this freely, joyously, and lovingly. And whenever I think of the person or persons’ who hurt me I say, ‘I have released you and all the blessings of life are yours.’ I am free and they are free. It is wonderful!”

And then let the thoughts about this person or situation go. That does not necessarily mean they feelings or thoughts disappear; it means you refocus those feelings or though on something that fills in the space and takes your attention and energy to a more constructive, loving space.

Monday. The Moon leaves Aries and enters Taurus, and the New Moon builds to the New Moon and Solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Taurus by 12:14 A.M. Tuesday just past midnight. Venus, the ruler of both Taurus and Libra. The Greeks saw Aphrodite (their Venus) as the goddess of love and beauty. The Romans saw Venus as the goddess of agriculture, gardens, vineyards, the growing cycles and seasons. Libra’s domain is that of relationships and intimate connections, and how to maintain and tend these relationships. Taurus is connected to the physical world, with physicality, and with tending to the daily tasks of life and finding beauty in them. Taurus is connected to all aspects of living life-possessions, finances, resources, and is informed by connection and intimacy as it amasses abundantly from the wealth of the Earth. Taurus is about a deeply Earth-centered sensitivity, and about becoming connected and integrated with a spirituality that celebrates being incarnate. Whatever we are conceiving at the time of this New Moon in Taurus, is building up to uniting the tangible of Taurus with the intangible of Libra, and the deep-seated messages brewing and growing in the deeper levels of consciousness (Moon in Scorpio at the next full moon).

Venus-ruled Taurus calls upon us to discover the true value and worth of both ourselves and others. Venus’ energy in Pisces (the seat of Universal Love) adds some energy and power to our spiritual practices enabling us to understand that forgiveness is not an act of will but a grace set off by our intentions. When we intentionally seek forgiveness of ourselves and others, we then release the connection, the chain that binds to whomever or whatever is holding us. The power of this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus is giving us the much-needed push to release all patterns of belief, all habits and behavior, and all connections and relationships that need to be released. Whatever you place on the altar as a sacrifice at this time, will be taken from you. Over the next 6 months, what is released at this time, will be out of your life. Be clear with yourself. Pay close attention to what your inner truth and intuition tell you, discern what is best for you, and set mindful intentions at this time to open for you what it is that you seek and desire. Set your mind, heart, and spirit on that which you would like, not on what has been weighing you down and draining you. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus has us all more focused on security and groundedness, and by being appreciative of all the gifts, resources, love, and riches we already have. By only focusing on that which we don’t have or like, we miss the opportunity to live the life we have. Focus on the riches that lay at your feet, that are filling your heart and mind, and that are evident in all you do to love and serve others.

This past lunar month is Aries, has been all about pondering new beginnings, seeking a greater sense of self, and breaking from the past. As the lunar month in Taurus begins with not only the New Moon but also the Solar eclipse, energy and focus on creating more stability, becoming more determined, and shaping a stronger and more methodical and tangible foundation for life, and the process of living. This morning as I was reading about the writing habits of great writers, I was drawn to the daily habits of Henry Miller:

If groggy, type notes and allocate, as stimulus.
If in fine fettle, write.

Work on section in hand, following plan of section scruptuously. No intrusion, no diversions. Write to finish one section at a time, for good and for all.
See friends, read in cafes
Explore unfamiliar sections, on foot if wet, on bicycle if dry
Write if in Mood but only on minor program
Paint if empty or tired
Make notes, make plans, make charts.Make corrections on MS.
Allow sufficient time during daylight to visit museums, or an occasional sketch or bike rides. Sketch in cafes and train stations and streets. Cut the movies. Visit a library once a week for references.“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”

What would you daily plan look like if you wrote it out? What would you like to build into your daily routine?

Very Taurus-like approach to life, and even if this is not your ideal, the idea that we need some structure in order to create, serve, and focus our own energy and talents, is likely to become more important during this upcoming lunar cycle. Notice how you may be shaping your life within stronger and clearer boundaries in order to make space, time, and energy for creating the life you want to live and for appreciating what you are already blessed with. Venus-ruled Taurus urges us to seek harmony by living in the process of balance. Balance is not a static state, but rather a process of doing some of this and then stopping, resting, refreshing, and beginning some of that. This is a time to build in time and intention to play, to rest, to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Another realm ruled by Venus-ruled Taurus is that of beauty and the natural world. Get outdoors, plant something in your garden, pick a bouquet of Spring flowers, go for a walk and feel the beautiful velvet weather of Taurus-time. Let these ideals also nourish you internally. Weed out old habits and negative thoughts. Plant new seeds for the future, and relish the pleasure of being able to think, fell, love, discover, work, play, feel the earth beneath your feet, and watch the stars in the night sky. Let the rain fall on your face, and feel the warmth of the sunlight on your shoulders. Enjoy the pleasure of simply being alive, and being blessed with so much. Use your gifts. Instead of just dreaming up good ideas, make a plan, and then act upon that plan. Put your dreams into some kind of practical structure, and then one by one, start acting on your desires. One powerful tool for bringing something into being, is to take it from the realm of thought and put it into form of some kind. Write about it. Draw it. Map it out. Make a list. Draw up a plan. Do something about the dream, one simple step at a time. Root yourself in the pure pleasure of each step, and appreciate what a gift it is to have the freedom, the opportunity, the talent, and the where-with-all to do anything at all. You are free to be and act on creating the life you want to live.

The Taurus archetype is also associated with our own sense of identity and personal will. The shadow side of this is stubbornness or pig-headedness. The gift is tenacity, determination, and the ability to recognize and use one’s gifts. Desire is the sign of what is longing to be acted upon. Tenacity and determination are the tools you have to act upon desire. Taurus is about putting ideas into action, taking thoughts and making them concrete, and acting with aplomb on your desires. And as Taurus is the keeper of beauty, we do what we do with style, grace, and beauty.

Taurus time is a time to shine from the inside out. This may begin with sprucing things up not only around you but also within you. Getting a hair cut, or adding a new exercise to your routine. Taking up a new hobby or sport, or changing your look! You may find yourself drawn to new colors, or styles of clothing. Dress up and take yourself out to lunch, invite a friend for tea, or have a late night star party. Add some light and life to your living. This is also a great time for inner illumination. Read something new, learn a new language or piece of music. Play your instruments, and make music a daily practice and part of your life. Use your voice in beautiful ways, and listen to how you talk to yourself. Use more phrases a kindness and fewer of criticism and complaint. Taurus time is a time of individuating-bringing yourself to greater wholeness. It is a time to gain greater clarity about who you are and what you value and treasure. It is a time to use our will to create more beauty, good, and intimacy in our lives. Befriend yourself and enjoy living from a point of intention out of love not fear, out of joy not anger, and out of forgiveness not blame. We may not be able to fix anyone else, or change the circumstances of our lives, but we can use our power, our will to forgive others, to move on and detach our spirit from the energy that traps us in life-threatening places. Recognize the Spirit of Good within you, and let it reign over the way you live.

Mercury is semi-square Venus on Monday, possibly creating some energetic shifts and disturbances in our communications (social or romantic). We may find ourselves trying to control ourselves, and that results in bottling feelings up or getting distracted because we aren’t sure how to handle this energy. Recognize that being hypersensitive has our minds wandering. Meditate, prayer (litany type prayers work best with this kind of energy), or singing and dancing are ways to channel this type of energy.

Tuesday, in the strong influence of the New Moon in Taurus and the Solar eclipse, we also have Mercury in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn...a very earthy day when we can engage in some very practical and constructive types of conversations and communication. We gain a great deal from paying attention to and following our intuition. We feel divinely guided, and seem to pick up on ideas, connections, and solutions to problems that have escaped us for a long time.

A great time to experience psychological breakthroughs. We are better able to understand our own feelings, thinking, and patterns of behavior, reaction, processing, and perspectives. That in turn helps us see how we can change the way we deal with the challenges that have toppled us recently. We are learning new ways of being, and the initial stages may be so out of the ordinary, that we feel like we are walking into untamed territory-and we are. How we perceive, understand, and live has changed, and we are learning new ways of coping in order to create, live more fully, and thrive.

This New Moon, Solar eclipse and Mercury trine Pluto aspects really open the door for you if you are willing to pay attention to how whatever is happening is a call to open the doors to your own growth. When we grasp how we influence, are affected by, and are accountable for the lessons we have to learn to grow, we can become more accepting and feel less threatened by them. When we are at the top of our game, have risen to a position of some influence and power, we often think that is enough for the lessons.

The truth is, with each choice we make, we accept a new set of challenges, obstacles, and conditions. What have you learned from the past that arms you for this moment? What have you gleaned from all your teaching and learning that points you in the right direction? How are the situations, relationships, roles you find yourself in calling you to grow, learn, and change? What inside you feels threatened, and where is the source of that threat?

To get to the heart of the matter, get the help you need, ask the questions you need to ask of yourself, and then get out of your head and put your energy into something constructive and useful. The earthy Taurus energy is pushing us to face up to what we can do and what we can’t, and then get busy doing what is possible. Be constructive. Be engaged in whatever brings you peace and fills you with beauty. Be present and grateful for what is right with the world you live in, and do something to make the world a better place for someone else near you. Put yourself into the flow of life, and live in gratitude.

Wednesday, Mercury is sextile Jupiter, so that means we can expect to hear good news, receive some new ideas, be blessed with something we have been waiting for, or gain insights we have been longing for. We may take a short trip, learn something new, or receive some results from tests, exams, or applications that we have sent out recently. We may find a dream fulfilled, or a plan is conceived today. The aspect happens in the middle of the night, so pay particular attention to dreams and insights. Something sent from afar may be arriving to be found when you wake up.

Thursday, Mercury sextile Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces, again in the middle of the night or late at night Wednesday, depending on your time zone, creates an atmosphere for an exchange of ideas and information, for dialogues and communication that can lead to solutions, healing, and a peaceful end to negotiations of some kind. Notice what occurs to you in dreams, or what insights and intuition reveal during this time.

Also on Thursday, the Sun in Taurus makes a stressful aspect to Mars in Libra. As this occurs later in the day than Mercury’s aspect to Chiron, we may be able to head off some problems, challenges, and conflicts by remembering what it is that is needed for healing and harmony to occur. Mars in Libra tends to shed light and create a point of reference for our part in relationship. How are we behaving within the dynamics of a relationship, and what needs to be healed to create more peace? Shortly after this aspect, the Moon in Gemini trines Mars, indicating there is a more peaceful outcome, calmer head prevail, and thoughts are more constructive. The Sun quincux Mars brings us to the boiling point where our ego needs and will collide with anything or anyone that stands in its way. Be forewarned, and avoid confrontations. You can’t help feeling this way, but you can help how you handle these feelings. Use your restraint, and redirect your energy and focus.

Friday, Mercury in Aries opposes Saturn in Scorpio in the early morning hours in the West. Remember Saturn, the Great Teacher in Scorpio is that area of your life right now that is where you are undergoing in-depth awakenings and are learning a lot about yourself. This opposition indicates an increase in negativity, pessimism, and perhaps sudden, unexpected and unpleasant news. Trust becomes an issue, we may lack self confidence, and feel off-center. Since this is an aspect that affects the collective whole, it is not “just me” that is affected. Keep perspective if you notice a prevalence of second guessing, red tape, last-minute undone details, or other snags. Take a deep breath, step back, and disengage from the emotional turmoil that might be rising around you. If the turmoil is within, recognize it for what it is, and slow down, tend to the immediate needs, and calm down. Keep breathing, and stop reving up the engines. Be slow to anger, slow to react, and slow to rise up in rebellion. Seriously, use the energy, in the Taurean mode, make a gift from the garbage...or at least use the energy for something constructive. If there is upset in a Venus-ruled area of your life, remember that Venus is in the anaretic degree (29th/last degree) of Pisces. This afternoon Venus enters Aries, so the final degree may be the point where you or someone else is ready to issue ultamatums. Won’t work, so take another tact. Avoid getting frustrated, and reverting back to old, familiar patterns of reacting. Take some time to observe how you are feeling and see if you can avoid creating more crisis.

Saturday, the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn-an earthy feast of energy. We find we are accomplishing a great deal, we are making inroads in areas that have been difficult, and we are feeling better about who we are and what we are capable of. We are feeling energized, centered, courageous, and capable. An excellent time to conceive of plans that will reward us in all ways including financially. We connect with the right people at the right time, and feel bolstered by our ability to work in cooperation and mutual interests.

This week is a powerful turning point for all Venus-Taurean related interests. For the next 6 months we will feel the influence of what we set into motion, what we envision, and what we begin to develop this week. We feel greater abundance, energy, focus, deliberation, and desire to create, build, settle in, shape, and plant seeds for the future to grow. We ground ourselves in truth, beauty, compassion, and light. We accept who we are, appreciative and grateful, and willing to live life purposefully in the Light of Divine Light and Love. Whatever Divine Love creates in our lives is ours to cherish and use for the greater good of all living beings. Create beauty in the way you walk as much as do in the path you walk.

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