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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 2014

A new moon and solar eclipse will occur on April 29 at 2:14AM Eastern Time at 8 deg of Taurus. The time around a new moon is usually a time of new beginnings and being in Taurus (which has to do with money, beauty, and material things) this is a good time to invest in new opportunities, begin new investment projects, or to change your look. This could be especially powerful if it aspects something in your chart, and this would also indicate where to look for new investment opportunities. Also, because there is a solar eclipse issues will come to the surface which we normally do not like looking at. If this aspects something in your chart usually there is difficulty and issues around whatever the eclipse is aspecting; however, beneficial new beginnings may occur.
When looking at the astrology chart for Detroit Michigan using the February 1, 1802 charter date the full moon will Trine Progressed Sun and Trine Progressed Mercury. Under these influences we should be seeing positive feelings around the City Of Detroit and the leadership (Sun), and how the City communicates with the citizens (Mercury). Presently there is a new mayor in Detroit that has positive support of the citizens, and resolution to the money problems in the City seems to be close. With these influences we will continue to see positive developments within the City of Detroit.

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