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New moms, it's time for your makeover

Get your body back in shape with your baby
Get your body back in shape with your baby
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Meet Colleen Riddle. She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, and more importantly, the creator and CEO of New Mommy Makeover. Her award winning DVD series (2011 Parenting Award), has helped hundreds of clients regain their fitness following pregnancy.

Here, Colleen provides some easy advice for new mothers to stay healthy, and keep their babies healthy.

Eating: Nursing mothers roughly need an extra 500 calories a day. If calories are restricted too much in an effort to lose weight, the baby will not receive adequate nutrition. It is important to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as these nutrients are the same ones babies consume through nursing.

Exercise: It is important to stay both patient and consistent with exercise. After enduring a large amount of trauma, it takes time for the body to recover. New mothers can expect to begin seeing changes within three months of exercise, as well as proper nutrition.

Colleen's favorite exercise for new mother is the plank. This is similar to a pushup position, except you place the forearms on the ground instead of the hands. Maintain a flat back by drawing your belly button in to your spine, and hold. Try to hold the pose for 30 seconds, and eventually work up to a minute.

Another great exercise is the bird-dog. Kneel on all fours with a flat back. Lift one leg and the opposite arm, fully extending both. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side. Perform eight repetitions for each pair.

If you want more, visit New Mommy Makeover and check out the DVD's, as well the nutritional guide and online coaching. The DVD set includes nine video workouts, and nine written cardio workouts, providing plenty of variety. If you like to include the coaching, you will receive weekly conference calls, meal ideas, snack suggestions, as well as workout and eating information.

Also available is a free video including nine exercises mothers can perform with their babies. These can help mothers spend quality time with their babies, get in their workout, and provide excitement for the baby.

Colleen Riddle can also be found at Here you will find plenty of nutrition and exercise advice.

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